Students Adapt Original Work for Hollywood High Stage

Students from elementary, middle and high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District collaborate to bring short stories to life in front of a live audience Friday.

In a collaboration that involved students of all ages in the Los Angeles Unified School District, adaptions of their short stories were brought to life on the stage of Hollywood High School's auditorium on Friday.

"The Arts Education Branch encouraged us to do it and I'm always trying to get the kids to write their own material and there aren't a lot of avenues for that — the kids were excited to get the stories and they did a great job," said Matthew Kennedy, the drama and film teacher at Bancroft Middle School.

The program called "Adaptation" is in its second year and is put on by the Los Angeles Unified School district and coordinated by the Arts Education Branch. More than 25 schools participated in this year's event held at Hollywood High.

The stories were written by the elementary students, performed by the middle school and directed by high school students.

The elementary students were excited to see their written words come to life.

"I've been writing since I was in kindergarten," said Madison Schaeffer, 11, of  Taper Avenue Elementary. " I like writing a lot and this makes me want to keep doing it."


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