What Would You Like to See Behind Musso & Frank Grill?

Champion Real Estate Co., which recently bought the 1.1-acre site, envisions a retail and residential complex, reports the L.A. Times.

What would you like to see in the space slated for development behind Musso & Frank Grill?

Earlier this week, we posted the L.A. Times article about Champion Real Estate Co.'s recent purchase of the parking lot behind Musso & Frank Grill. The price was not disclosed, but experts familiar with the property valued it at $10 million, according to the article.

President Robert Champion said he envisions a mixed-use building on the property.

Hollywood Unbound blogger Darryl Ford chimed in with his view of the site's potential. He writes:

My hope is that Champion chooses to create a mixed-use project that (1) provides as little on-site parking as possible as the site is very close to the Hollywood and Highland Metro station and across the street from a City-owned public parking garage; (2) includes a well designed and attractive public plaza or courtyard that can serve as a community gathering space and support the proposed retail establishments; and, (3) provides space for neighborhood serving retail – not t-shirt shops or more nightclubs – as the site sits in a transition zone between Hollywood Boulevard and the residential portions of the Yucca corridor.

Live in the neighborhood or nearby? What would you like to see developed on the site?

lilia March 22, 2012 at 10:30 PM
I dont thinlk the area has improved that much. it is still a bastion of drug dealers and addicts. this so called improvements is just a marketing ploy for the CRA
lilia March 22, 2012 at 10:31 PM
I dont thinlk the area has improved that much. it is still a bastion of drug dealers and addicts. this so called improvements is just a marketing ploy for the CRA
ruth March 23, 2012 at 05:52 PM
Aesthetically pleasing...Not another prison like ultra modern box..Which seems to be THE PLAN for the future of Hollywood. His designs on the westside are beautiful..Why do we get the UGLY Boxes here in Hollywood? Hoping he will do beautiful things here as he has done on the westside.. His original Highland Ave. project renderings.. prison like and boxy.. WHOSE vision is this for Hollywood? Why does Hollywood get the junk? At least he does not want to build 55 story skyscrapers in Hollywood.... But cross off yet another street to get back and forth on.. Sorry, the area is still horrible. Look at the peeling, crumbling Pacific Theatre.. THAT WAS a beautiful building.There is no respect or caring for, or preserving what is here.... Hollywood Blvd. is Historically Preserved..It is shameful how it has been left to rot. The City Politicos should be ashamed, as they accept campaign contributions from wealthy developers (L.A. Ethics Commission website-Public Record)..and invite them here to build their skyscrapers while the rest of Hollywood and it's History and Landmarks are neglected and left to rot. Is there any city, any area, as badly planned, or neglected, as this one? Here's The Plan.. Campaigns take MONEY... Mayoral Races begin.. Hollywood is screwed.
Shaune Steele March 23, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Totally agree with Ruth's comments (above). Hollywood has GOT to preserve its unique history, or it becomes just another over-built, anonymous-looking part of Los Angeles. Why is Hollywood world famous? Figure it out! Keep restoration alive and keep close watch on redevelopment architecture!
Scott Zwartz March 24, 2012 at 05:49 PM
The area needs a park. It is time for Hollywoodians to demand Quality of Life and not Quantity of Projects . At least bring Hollywood up to the national average for parks before one more mixed use project is built. 1. The last thing this part of Hollywood needs is another mixed-use project. The more mixed-use projects are built, the faster people leave Hollywood. The US 2010 Census data support this fact. Not only is Hollywood's population dropping, the reduction in population in the census tracts adjacent to the five Subway stops is about 4,300 ppl. Three subway stations have projects right on top of them and each has been a financial disaster with the greatest loss at Hollywood-Highland which cost $625 M to construct and was sold to CIM Group for $201 M and then the City gave CIM Group $30 M to rehab the Kodak Theater. Let's remember the 67% drop in value came BEFORE the 2008 real estate crash. The W Hotel which sits on top of another subway station cannot sell its condos. One reason being located near or on top of a subway station does not benefit a project is that LA has no comprehensive subway system and it will never have one. Living on top of a subway does not help when 95% of the county is beyond the reach of a subway. Likewise, people cannot travel to your business which is on top of a subway station when there is no subway near their homes.


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