Hollywood Residents Form Opposition Group to Community Plan Update

The group regularly updates its website SaveHollywood.org and has created petition.

Some Hollywood residents in opposition of the proposed update to the Hollywood Community Plan have organized into group and created SaveHollywood.org, a website with a petition to air their concerns.

They have spoken up throughout the review process and planned to speak up at the Planning Land Use and Management Committee meeting Tuesday afternoon.

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Fran Reichenbach, one of the group's organizers says its members live in Hollywood and span from the mid-Wilshire area to the Valley. They call themselves "People for Livable Communities" because of the far-reaching impact they believe Hollywood's proposed plan will have on future updates throughout Los Angeles.

"What were seeing is decaying infrastructure, a budget that's so very strapped we can't even afford the type of emergency response we need and yet [city planners] are adding density, adding people where they are not, to areas that cannot sustain that density. The Hollywood Community Plan does not mitigate or plan for improving the infrastructure or expanding emergency response for an overpopulated area... This is a community plan built for developers...that plan is a public safety hazard it should be blown up."

The group's online petition has gained more than 915 signatures since it was created on April 9. They hope to collect 1,000. It states:

Stop the Hollywood Community Plan in its current form. Help us maintain our community, and improve infrastructure and services rather than increasing density, traffic, noise and congestion.

The Hollywood Community Plan will diminish the quality of life for all residents — current and future. Variances and established height limits to protect environmental impact will be waived. Coordination with emergency services, public transportation and community facilities is a MUST. This is a developer's dream. Developers will be able to Manhattanize Hollywood with residents having little recourse to object.  The Plan is based on flawed data as the City of Los Angeles contends that the population of Hollywood will increase to 250,000 by 2030. When in fact it has steadily decreased — more than 7% over the last 20 years — with no indication of growth. 

Discuss: Planning to attend today's meeting? Are you in favor or in opposition of the proposed update? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. You may also submit "letters to the editor" to lindsey.baguio[at]patch.com.

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ruth May 09, 2012 at 12:57 AM
55 story and taller skyscrapers, no height limits, buildings proposed for Vine with promises of more along the Foothills of The Hollywood Hills.. a 'corridor of skyscrapers' along Sunset Blvd...with no height limits.. obstructing The Hills from view.. The developers don't care one iota about creating any Promenade anywhere here..No money is being invested except into building what a developer calls his 'new iconic Hollywood landmarks'.. skyscrapers..while the old iconic landmarks will be left to fall into worse disrepair until what is left will be razed to make way for more skyscrapers.. And with no mitigations in The Hollywood Plan for the increased traffic the Plan brings with it, , and increased need for more LAPD and LAFD (great response time so far!)... good luck getting around and good luck if you have a fire or a heart attack and on one can get to you.
Alex B May 09, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Only a thousand residents from across L.A.? We're talking a country of over ten million. You could get a thousand signatures for anything here!
Fran Reichenbach May 09, 2012 at 05:15 AM
It's clear that those who live in Hollywood should have the front and center response privilege in responding to this issue. We're at the threshold of infrastructure capacity and therefore should take a prominent stance of resistance regarding a plan that will overwhelm our feeble infrastructure. Another "no-brainer", planning department!!!!
Ethan Applen May 09, 2012 at 04:21 PM
In echoing a point Wanda said, development and redevelopment don't have to be mutually exclusive. I'd argue that the redevelopment happening in much of Hollywood now is a direct result of the some of development projects that have also happened, whether that's the initial Hollywood and Highland structure (which I have mixed feelings about based on its use, but that's another story), the W Hotel and Residences development, or Sunset+Vine. Based on traffic and residents that have come from those, the Cahuenga Corridor has been revitalized, the Arclight was renovated, and buildings that have long stood empty are finally being razed and rebuilt as new construction. This isn't a bad thing. Yes, there are still too many stores that seem to sell primarily stripper shoes or fake Oscars on Hollywood - BUT, in between them there are now exciting new restaurants (SupperClub, Loteria, Osaka, Wood+Vine, and many others), and stores are slowly moving in. We need MORE of that happening, not this strange argument that seems to stem from some of the community that the only way to "preserve Hollywood" is to do nothing to it, was Hollywood of the 80's really the one you want to keep around? Or is it something newer for this century?
Scott Zwartz May 18, 2012 at 02:03 PM
The facts have proven that people move away from density. The CRA building and the subway did not make Hollywood a better place to live and thousands of people voted with their feet (er, make that "their cars") by leaving Hollywood. The remaining population has a lower SES status. Dumb, poorly educated ppl do not attract employers. The subways are not intended for transporation. They are justification for more high density projects near the subways (TOD's) -- that is a gift to the 1% who bought land in the TOD's, but it back fired. There has been a huge net loss of population near the subway stations in Hollywood. The Hollywood Highland Project was the nation's largest real estate write down -- almost $1/2 BILLION. The W Hotel has sold only 29 of its 143 condos. The subways can never substitute for cars even if you live on top of the subway -- they cover only 5% of Los Angeles. Buses take hours. Carless people in LA are becoming Urban Serfs. Commercial real estate in Hollywood is in a huge bubble and whenever any bubble becomes unsustainable, tha is when many many people jump on board -- like many commenters here who do not know any of the facts of Hollywood's significant deterioration in the last 7 years.


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