Hollywood Community Plan Moves to City Council 'Without Recommendation'

The Planning Land Use and Management Committee opted not to take an official stance due to the "sensitivity" of the decision at Tuesday's meeting.

After three sessions of public discussion, the Planning Land Use and Management Committee pushed the proposed update to the Hollywood Community Plan to the City Council without a recommendation late Tuesday afternoon.

Councilmen Jose Huizar and Ed Reyes moved the issue after hearing city planners respond to a number of public concerns and discussing the plan in closed session.

"Given the discussion we had in closed session and what’s here in front of us, I’d like to reccommend that we forward without recommendation from this committee and allow for more information to continue to evolve from this point to Council and give us more insight given the sensitivity of these decisions," Huizar said.

Reyes seconded the motion. The third member of the panel, Councilman Mitchell Englander, was not present. He was serving on the city's budget and finance committee at the time.

The proposal has been under review of the committee since March 27. The first time, council members heard more than . The second time, the panel allotted  then closed the public hearing. No public comments were allowed at Tuesday's meeting. 

The proposed plan update would serve as a blueprint for future development in Hollywood. The current plan has not been updated since it was created in 1988.

Editor's Note:

ruth May 09, 2012 at 05:08 PM
The Reality is the Hollywood Community Plan is horrible and they know it..They dont want the responsibility of being the ones saying YES to it or NO to it, so they passed the bucket..they know they could not in good conscience say YES to it..they will let Gracetti do that, who will lobby for it, as lobbying for it is lobbying for his developer funders who the HCP was designed to accommodate. As much as Villaraigosa has prompted all to pass it, they couldn't..Possibly they DO have consciences? Possibly they caught on that it got spread around that their funders are the same developers? They washed their hands of it, and will let City Council deal with it. Where they also sit. But it won't be just the PLUM COMMITTEE saying yes or no to it. They know about the grounds for law suits, some already on the books, and more to come. .. And Englander not there? He didn't just pass the bucket..he cleverly went into hiding and slithered out of this one...Another Garcetti in the making??
Scott Zwartz May 10, 2012 at 03:39 PM
On May 8th, The PLUM committee violated many people's Brown Act right to make public comment. Back on April 17 when Reyes cut off public comment, many people did not have a chance to speak. The committee had a duty to correct and cure that Brown Action violation. May 8th was the opportunity for the PLUM Committee to allow members of the public to make their comments, but Chairman Reyes refused to let a single member of the public speak. Some of the people who were denied the individual right to speak on May 8th had also been denied his/her rights on April 17. Rather than be rash they allowed Chairman Reyes to voluntarily correct his error from April 17, but he refused. Contrary to what Chairman Reyes may feel, the legal requirement of public comment is not a specific amount of time for the public in general to have people speak. Rather the right to speak is an individual right and no individual may be deprived of his/her individual right to comment because Councilman Reyes doesn't want to listen to him/her. Furthermore, Reyes did not advise the public that he would allow no one except Kevin Keller to speak until AFTER the one hour closed door session with the City Attorney. Reyes did subsequently allow public comment for matters not on the agenda, and if one of those speakers came too close to discussing the HCP, Reyes cut off the speaker.
ruth May 10, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Excellent points. Many gave up work and sat for hours at these meetings..Only to be rejected/turned away and denied their RIGHT to speak..
Albert Newman May 11, 2012 at 03:34 AM
The revisions made by City Planning at PLUM are now potentially gone. http://hollywood.patch.com/articles/city-planners-add-revisions-to-proposed-hollywood-community-plan


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