More Art Galleries Open in Hollywood

Big names—like the Regen Projects—are moving to the area, and the the art world is taking notice.

It doesn't take more than a glance at Patch's Hollywood art gallery directory to understand why The Hollywood Reporter is calling the area "L.A.'s hot new art neighborhood."

The publication reports Shaun Caley Regen's Regen Projects—which is known for showing internationally acclaimed artists—as well as gallorist Perry Rubenstein have recently moved to Hollywood and Michael Kohn has just purchased gallery space.

Regen told the Reporter that people had said you could never have a gallery east of La Cienega when she first moved to the area, but "Now, it just feels like Hollywood is a new, exciting, unchartered territory," she said.

Currently at Regen Projects is a solo exhibit called Autodestrucción 1 by Abraham Cruzvillegas with sculptural works adorned with found and constructed objects and based on images and dress of the Parisian Zazou and Californian Zoot Suiter, according to the Regen Projects website.

The Los Angeles Times describes some of the work as "Tall slender tangles of rebar draped with loose strips of fabric, chain jewelry, feather and ribbons of dried meat" that "look, from a distance, more like drawings than sculptures . . . or like a linear depiction of the jerking rhythms of jazz trumpet score."


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