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Living in Eagle for over three years now, I have come to love my neighborhood. I live here with my wife, two boys, and my furry family member, Toby.
Raised in Highland Park, I always knew about Eagle Rock, but never frequented. My favorite place to visit was the Eagle Theater (yeah, I know). But living here now, I have grown such pride as I've never known before. This led me to become part of the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council for some time. I took the role of Youth Director for some months. While there, I was able to gain a wonderful understanding of the politics of Eagle Rock. I also got to rub elbows with some prominent LA names. It was with a heavy heart that I left the Council. I felt that I could better serve the community as a Civilian. That's why I'm here. :) Drop me a line anytime. I'm always happy to meet others and have great conversation about our neighborhood.
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