Registering for LAUSD Schools

Registering your children begins with locating your local school.

Whether you've just moved to an area served by the Los Angeles Unified School District or your child is starting the adventure that is kindergarten, getting started in the district begins with registering.

In general, the first step is to figure out which school your child will be attending. You can do this online on the district's Find A School page by simply typing in your address.

Next, download the Student Enrollment Form, which you can complete electronically before printing.

Finally, bring the completed form to the school your child will be attending. In addition to the form, you must show proof of the child's age with a birth certificate, baptismal certificate, a passport or similar form of ID. Proof of the child's residence address is also required. A utility bill serves for this purpose.

Those are the basics.

There are also a variety of options to attend schools that might not be in your neighborhood. These include magnet schools and Public School Choice Programs and are available through the district's Choices program. You can find out more about the programs and download a Choices brochure on the Student Integration Services webpage. There are also charter schools, whose standards-based and state-approved curriculum may differ from other schools, open enrollment schools with designated available seats and schools for advanced studies for students identified as gifted, highly gifted and/or who demonstrate superior academic achievement.

Deadlines for these special programs vary and some may have passed for this school year. However, by checking out the various LAUSD webpages, you'll be prepared for next year.


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