City Council Announces Timeline for LAUSD Redistricting Vote

The Los Angeles City Council turns to the equally important work of redistricting the School Board Trustees' turf beginning April 4.

It's gotten less press than the recent L.A. City Council redistricting.

But the LAUSD Redistricting Commission has been meeting, drawing up new maps for Board of Trustees representation.

They've followed a process similar to the City Council Redistricting Commission, hosting hearings around district.

You can see the final results of their work in the above map and also by clicking here.

Now the Los Angeles City Council picks up the process.

On Thursday, Council president Herb Wesson released a timeline for the Council's evaluation and revision of those maps.

On April 4, the City Council's Rules Committee will make an initial evaluation of the maps.

Then the Council will host two public hearings. The first will be on April 9, at 4 p.m. at City Hall. The second will be April 11, at Van Nuys City Hall, also at 4 p.m.

LAUSD board members will have until April 12 to submit their proposed revisions.

According to a release from Council President Wesson:

Expeditious adoption of any district changes is necessary to allow the City Attorney and the Bureau of Engineering to prepare the final technical documents and ordinances necessary to implement any adopted changes in a timely manner.

The City Council will hear the final plan on April 20, first in the Rules Committee and then before the full City Council.


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