Walmart Heiress Might Be Moving to Hollywood Hills

The heiress is reportedly designing a 'megacompound' in the Bird Streets area.

If the rumors are true, Walmart heiress Sybil Robson Orr is planning what will likely be a pretty incredible estate in the Hollywood Hills. 

According to Curbed L.A., the grocery chain heiress is reportedly designing a "megacompound" in the Bird Streets area, on a spot called the Crown.

First reported by the blog Real Estalker, Orr and her husband bought two properties on the Crown, which they intend to raze and rebuild, Curbed reports.

The combined cost of both properties is $36,500,000, according to Real Estalker.

This is not the sort of spot where somebody throws up some 3,500 square foot pre-fab thing. No, babies, this is where someone inordinately rich builds a serious residential monument to their wealth, power and privilege.

According to Real Estalker, the plan for one of the existing homes is to "remove the swimming pool and tennis court, re-route the driveway and add a guesthouse."

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