Supporters of Community Plan Update Launch Email Campaign

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce encourages its members to write elected officials of their support.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is rounding up its members to generate public support for the proposed update to the Hollywood Community Plan as it moves to the City Council for consideration.

On Tuesday night, the chamber in its regular newsletter encouraged its members to support the plan by emailing local representatives.

The chamber wrote:

Although the Public hearing has been closed on the Hollywood Community Plan, opponents of the plan have been working furiously to generate petitions. The Hollywood Chamber has attached an example of their efforts to generate letters to be entered into the City Council’s Official Record. We need to be sure that the voices of the Hollywood Business Community are heard just as loudly by the City Council.  If you have not already done so, please forward to the City, a brief email that will be added to the public record. An e-mail template in support of the Hollywood Community Plan has been created for your guidance.  This email should be sent to Sharon Gin (legislative assistant for the committee)  with copies to the members of the PLUM Committee and our two council representatives. We need to generate as many e-mails as possible and tell our members that it is time to finally pass the much needed Hollywood Community Plan. It is critical that the voices of the Hollywood Business Community are heard as this important document is being considered by the City Council.

Click here to email your support for the Hollywood Community Plan


A suggested statement included:

As a member of the Hollywood Business Community, I call on you to move forward with adoption of this Plan.  The Hollywood Community has been working with an outdated community plan that is now 23 years old,  and has caused developers to seek numerous variances on proposed projects – often opening them up to legal challenges.  A new plan will clearly detail the City’s expectations and help guide proposed developments so that they do not need to face lawsuits for seeking changes from outdated requirements. It is time to take action to give the community a plan with clear, updated guidelines for development. I support the plan and believe it will provide predictability for ALL constituents – residents, small business owners, property owners, developers and the businesses we want to attract to Hollywood.  It is more than time to move forward and adopt the Hollywood Community Plan Update.

There were also a number of talking points the chamber outlined on its website. View them here.

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george abrahams May 10, 2012 at 01:05 AM
It doesn’t make any difference what the Chamber does now. The HCP is already snake-bit. There is an abundance of material in the administrative record proving that it will fail a legal challenge. That is why the PLUM committee went into closed session to receive the advice of the City Attorney and ultimately decided on the “without recommendation” option. If the City Council does approve the plan in its current form the only result will be an approximately 3 year delay in the implementation of the plan in a form that will pass legal muster and the waste of City funds to pay for the legal fees of all the plaintiffs that will be suing the City. It is in the best interest of everyone in Hollywood that the plan be returned to the City Planning Department now.
ruth May 10, 2012 at 09:00 PM
The Chamber is funded by the biggest developer waiting to start building here..Their massive overdeveloped projects will change Hollywood Forever.. They don't live here.They don't have to get in and out of the neighborhoods here..They don't have to worry if the LAPD and the LAFD will be able to get to them or their families in emergency situattions. They are getting paid plenty of developer money to push this Plan through. They whine about all the HUNDREDS of meetings that have transpired about the HCP.. So let's get this thing passed! WHERE? WHEN? Show us the RECORDS...No one else but The Chamber seems to know about these MYSTERY MEETINGS..They have no consciences. Even THE PLUM COMMITTEE, in City Hall, could not pass it with any YES VOTE..Only with 'NO RECOMMENDATION'..After THREE PLUM HEARINGS.. Is The Hollywood Chamber going to foot the bill for all the costly LAW SUITS the City is getting hit with?? They are now scrambling to do all they can to get it passed, for their developer funders Pathetic!
ruth May 10, 2012 at 09:08 PM
"It will provide predictability for ALL constituents – residents, small business owners, property owners, developers and the businesses we want to attract to ..." What about all THE SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS his developer funder has tried TO BUY OUT?? To make way for their massive overdeveloped projects?? And residents/property owners?? Why are so many Hollywood neighbors SELLING NOW... to get out before his developer funder start building here, and the HCP passes, creating higher density, more gridlock, skyscrapers, de-valuing properties here, and who will want to buy houses here then?? They are getting out NOW.. He is delusional!


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