Neighborhood Council Elections Results Are Posted

Here's a roundup of the elected representatives chosen to represent your neighborhood.

[Updated 12 p.m.] A winner has been announced for the parlimentarian position for the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council. The story has been updated to reflect the result.


Election results for the five neighborhood councils in Hollywood are counted. 

The unofficial canvass of votes were posted on the EmpowerLA website Sunday night.

The results are as follows:




  • President: ANASTASIA MANN
  • Vice-President: ORRIN FELDMAN
  • Secretary: KATHY BANUELOS
  • Treasurer: MICHAEL MEYER
  • Parliamentarian: ROBERT MOTT
  • Issue 1: Traffic Public Transportation and Parking Committee Chair: JIM GEOGHAN
  • Issue 2: Youth Development, Education and Recreational Resources Committee Chair: JERRY GARCIA
  • Issue 3: Business Development, Planning and Support Resources Committee Chair: JOSHUA KOPEL
  • Issue 4: Infrastructure, Public and Regulated Resources and Services Committee Chair: MARY PRANGE
  • Issue 5: Housing, Social and Human Services, Religious and Charitable Organizations, Planning and Support Committee Chair: JEFFREY PAPES 
  • Issue 6: Emergency Services, Police and Fire Committee Chair: DIETRICH NELSON 
  • Issue 7: Environmental Beautification, Preservation and Aesthetics Committee Chair: VINCENT LARESCA
  • Issue 8: Cultural Resources, Entertainment and Public Events Committee Chair: ALWYN HIGHT KUSHNER
  • Issue 9: Community Development, Networking and Outreach Committee Chair: NICOLE CARCEL
  • Area 1: Hollywood Knolls / Manor / Lake Hollywood / Forest Lawn Committee Chair: No votes submitted. Neighborhood council will fill position.
  • Area 2: Cahuenga Pass / Universal City Committee Chair: PATRICIA WEBER
  • Area 3: Yucca Coridor / Whitley Heights / Cahuenga East Committee Chair: ROBIN MORENO 
  • Area 4: Hollywood Heights / Hollywood Boulevard Committee Chair:  JOYCE DYRECTOR
  • Area 5: Outpost / Cahuenga West Committee Chair: JARONE JOHNSON JR.
  • Area 7: Spaulding Square / Hollywood Sunset Flats Committee Chair: BARBARA WITKIN
  • Area 8: Mt. Olympus / Laurel Canyon Road Committee Chair: CLIVE WHITCHER
  • Area 9: Briar Summit / Woodrow Wilson / Mulholland Drive Committee Chair: MARIA SUSSMAN


  • Commercial Property Owner Governors: JURI RIPINSKY, KIWON BAN
  • Owner-Occupied Residential Property Owners Governors (Including Condominium Owners):  JOSE TORRES, SUN YU
  • Youth Governor: MARIA YEPREMIAN
  • Employees of Service Organizations Governor: LUKE VINCENT
  • Residential Tenants Governors: EFRAIN GONZALEZ, LEILA FOROUZAN


  • Geographical Area 1 Representative: NICOLE MANZO
  • Geographical Area 3 Representative: SUSAN SWAN
  • Geographical Area 5 Representative: ROBERT ABRAHAMIAN
  • Business Area C Representative: SUSAN POLOFRONIO
  • Homeowner Representative Area 4: MIKE BROGGIE
  • Renter Representative Area 1, 2, or 3: DON PAUL


  • At-Large Representative: DAVID BELL
  • Property Owner Representative: JENNIFER MORAN
  • Community Services Representative: CRAIG COX
  • Business Representative: ARMEN MAKASJIAN
  • Youth Representative: MARIA YEPREMIAN
  • Tenant Representative: ERICK MUNOZ
  • Neighborhood District 1: Thai Town North Representative: ROBERT ADAMS
  • Neighborhood District 2: Thai Town South Representative: SCOTT CAMPBELL
  • Neighborhood District 3: Little Armenia West Representative: DOUG HAINES
  • Neighborhood District 4: Kingsley Vista Representative: MARCELO CABRAL
  • Neighborhood District 5: Barnsdall Representative: TEREZA YERIMYAN
  • Neighborhood District 6: Little Armenia East Representative: SHAHAN SUZMEYAN
  • Neighborhood District 7: College Representative: ERIC MOORE
  • Neighborhood District 8: Northeast Representative: RICHARD VAUGHN
  • Neighborhood District 9: Virgil Village North Representative: NOEL ANGEL LINGAD
  • Neighborhood District 11: Four Streets / Dayton Heights Representative: ALFREDO HERNANDEZ

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ruth September 17, 2012 at 05:17 PM
It was great seeing so many more REAL STAKEHOLDERS, RESIDENTS... come out and vote..and for the PEOPLE that actually LIVE here...not just running for their own business interests/agendas..and not for all the candidates sitting on and running for second and third.. MULTIPLE N.C. BOARDS. Thanks to all the amazing HHWNC Community Leaders who laid out loudly and clearly, the infiltration/abuse going on with these N.C.'s and why it was so important to get out and vote..for REAL PEOPLE, REAL STAKEHOLDERS..to have their voices heard..And vote we did...for our NEIGHBORS..who actually live here!
julius September 18, 2012 at 03:33 PM
I wish our neighborhood council district has the same excitement as other groups, we just get the same old people over and over with the same agendas over and over, very boring and lifeless group who like their egos
ruth September 18, 2012 at 05:51 PM
HUNC is good, and their PLUM Committee does a fine job. People need to run/participate..The N.C.'s are only as good /balanced/ effective as who sits on them. Some of the rules need to be changed..You don't even have to live in the N.C. area you run in..just have a business there. You can run for multiple N.C.s..How can a board member truly rep THREE distinct and different areas? There is an N.C. in Hollywood with board members on developer's payrolls but will never disclose this. They do not represent the community.They do developer's bidding around town trying to infiltrate the N.C.'s with like minded members, drowning out the voices of the real Stakeholders. It is the Garcetti/ Hollywood Chamber PAC/HCP supporters/Developer Friendly agenda. They will give their lives, AND Hollywood, to developers so Garcetti gets elected.They are the enablers of the ruination of Hollywood. And The People's Voices get lost in this mess. The People of Hollywood caught on to the N.C. corruption here...It is pathetic that something that started out to give PEOPLE a VOICE in things, became a breeding ground for unethical behavior. It is not representing the true Stakeholders. THE PEOPLE are not stupid. Complacency is not an option anymore. This time round, we do not have only the 'frontmen (and women)' for the developer's voices drowning out THE PEOPLE'S, on our N.C.'s. Next time, run, vote.. but be very careful who you vote for..
julius September 19, 2012 at 03:01 PM
All of HUNC is HORRIBLE......the swan needs to fly away!


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