New Parking Restrictions Planned Near Runyon Canyon

Following concerns from a local church, the city is adjusting parking limitations in the area.

There's no question that Runyon Canyon has become a popular hiking area on weekends.

Now that the park has become a hot spot within recent years the parking situation has put additional strain on residents, visitors and now it's affecting church-goers in the neighborhood. Hat tip to Hollywood Unbound blogger Darryl Ford for pointing this out.

As a result, parking restrictions near south and west entrance of Runyon Canyon Park on Vista Street and they're about to change again.

Back then, tighter restrictions were imposed to prevent visitors from parking on residential streets on weekends. Restrictions for the Preferrential Parking District 112 were adjusted to "No parking anytime, except two hour parking Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m." 

Fast forward to today, it appears that those restrictions have had a negative effect on attendance at a nearby church.

Leaders at St. Thomas the Apostle have noticed a decline in attendance since the restrictions went into effect. Church representatives state the parking district has caused "serious injury to our parish" and "attendance has plummeted." (See a copy of the report and original letters here.)

The city's Department of Transportation recommended renewing the parking restrictions for an additional year when it was up for review in August, but after consideration by the Transportation Council Committee changes were made to accomodate church-goers.

The hours will soon be adjusted to "No Parking anytime except two hour parking from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday through Friday." The City Council approved the Transportation Committee report on Aug. 24.

Hollywood Unbound blogger Darryl Ford, weighed in on the parking situation on his blog

I think this most recent issue with PPD No. 112 really highlights out how ineffective the various parking restrictions and Preferential Parking Districts around Runyon Canyon Park have been. 

I hope that the various ongoing issues with PPD No. 112 will push Councilmember LaBonge and the residents living south of Runyon Canyon Park to work together to come up with a way for all City residents to be able to enjoy use of these public streets so they can live, work, play - and worship - in their community.

My view, to repeat myself from previous posts, is that it is long past time for the City to comprehensively look at Runyon Canyon Park’s parking issues. The City needs to try to address the root of the area's parking issues instead of just pushing the parking problem from street to street with no care or thought given to those that might be impacted by such shortsighted measures and actions.

What do you think about the parking situation? What would you suggest as a permanent solution that would be a compromise for residents and visitors? Chime in the comment section.

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Marilynne Manfredi September 07, 2012 at 05:43 PM
My daughter lived close enough for us to walk to Runyon Canyon, so parking wasn't an issue for us. Why can't a parking lot be created inside the gates like Griffith Park has? Yes, that would require moving dirt around and changing the landscape at the opening, but it would at least create a space that would not impact the neighborhoods. Another idea would be for the city to have regular bus routes or shuttles for the entrances. Users could register and pay a small fee to get there and back without impacting the neighborhood.
Scott Zwartz September 07, 2012 at 06:03 PM
For decades, the City has known that it has a serious problem with deficient parking. The problem was recognized as far back as 1915 -- Yes 100 years ago. Why was nothing done? The same reason LA is the most Park Poor city in the nation. The Chamber of Commerce and the developers want no parcel of land left open for parks and they did not want to pay to build off street parking. It costs between $20K and $30K to constructed each off street parking space in a project. So who's surprised that it is cheaper to buy a councilman than to build adequate off street parking? When the huge apartment complex on the west side of Fuller just below the Park was built, the City allowed it not to construct parking beneath about 50% of the building. At that time, it would have been easy to construct parking under the northern section of the building. The same for all large partment complexes. The city makes the zoning and construction rules. Rather than allowing developers to build 50% less off site parking, the City should have paid attention to the needs of the public to have adequate parking through the City and required all projects to have an extra 20% parking. Such rules would not only alleviate problems like Ruyon Canyon, but would have kept the streets clear for traffic. Hollwyood would not have a traffic problem if so many lanes of travel were not taken up with parked cars.
Julie Perkins September 09, 2012 at 03:01 PM
I agree with Maryilynne, yes a shuttle is the perfect idea! And has the added benefit of creating jobs!
cheryl holland September 10, 2012 at 04:12 PM
I live w/in walking distance of Runyon [approx 1+ mile away], but I seldom go there anymore. It really bothers me how people who use it with their dogs do not pick up their dogs' poo. Protein based excrement is toxic &, in this case, it is devastating the eco system of Runyon Canyon. Additionally, the poo runs into gutters during rains & has an equally toxic impact on Santa Monica Bay [we do all know that the gutters in LA run right to the ocean & are not filtered or treated prior, right?? think about that next time you want to go to the beach--millions of tons of dog poo/pee streaming into the ocean after each rain]. Clearly the problems of the church can easily be solved by simply issuing parking passes on sundays to the attendees of the church. Strict parking restrictions, particularly on the weekends, should remain in place around Runyon Canyon. The residents around the park are besieged by people driving to the Canyon & attempting to park. Residents who have lived near Runyon since prior to the park's creation are prisoners of poo, noise & non-stop traffic. Last, does anyone walk or bike in this city? Within a 5 mile radius of the park, people should bike, jog or walk to Runyon. By the time you arrive [after biking, jogging or walking to runyon] then perhaps you won't even need the exercise benefits of the park. 70% of the park's problems would be eliminated by taking the car out of the equation.
Anthony J February 26, 2013 at 09:38 PM
I too live less than a mile from Runyon. Near the north east entrance near Solar Drive. Runyon has been a "hot spot" for several years now with the numbers of people increasing annually. Most of the comments above are completely accurate. The latest problem is occurring at Desmond Estates drive and Mulholland, near the north parking lot. The number of cars clogging up the area either looking for parking or parking illegally on Mulholland Drive is staggering. Cars are literally parking in the street on Mulholland. The parking enforcement are not nearly as vigorous as they are near Fuller or Vista. Endless arguments, wrong-way drivers and constant traffic are only increasing. These issues are only a fraction and a microcosm of the "broken infrastructure" this city continues to suffer from. The city council in LA would rather sell out to corporate investors, build large buildings in already densely populated areas (ex. "Hollywood Millenium Project), fatten their wallets, ignore current problems citywide and leave the suffering to "we the citizens".


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