Millennium Hollywood Project Led Lobbyist Spending at L.A. City Hall

Developer Millennium Partners pays lobbyist Sheppard Mullin $572,681 to influence Los Angeles city officials.

Rendering of the proposed Millennium Project in Hollywood. (
Rendering of the proposed Millennium Project in Hollywood. (

By City News Service

Outside groups paid lobbyists almost $11.5 million in an attempt to influence Los Angeles city officials from July to September, according to an Ethics Commission report released today.

As expected, a large share of lobbying efforts were made on behalf of major real estate development projects, including the multi-million dollar Millennium Hollywood mixed-use development near the famed Capitol Record building, a movie museum on the campus of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and a 61.5-acre housing development in San Pedro.

A group called American Progressive Bag Alliance paid lobbyists $123,031 in an unsuccessful bid to defeat the plastic bag ban, which was approved by the City Council and will go into effect Jan. 1.

Developer Millennium Partners topped the list of the biggest spenders, paying lobbyist Sheppard Mullin $572,681 during the three-month period in support of their Millennium Hollywood mixed-use project, according to the report.

Millennium Hollywood, which calls for 35- and 39-story towers on Vine Street in Hollywood, was approved in July. It is the target of at least two lawsuits, one of which claims the project site sits above an active earthquake fault.

During the same three-month period, lobbyists representing the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences were paid $461,798 to push the academy's planned Renzo Piano-designed movie museum inside the May Company building on the LACMA campus.

Lobbyists were paid $177,935 to get city officials to support the 61.5- acre Ponte Vista housing development in San Pedro, making the project the third most expensive lobbying effort during the July-to-September period.

Ethics officials are expected to present their latest report, prepared quarterly, at next Thursday's Ethics Commission meeting.

Scott Zwartz December 13, 2013 at 10:22 AM
In addition, Garcetti, the Chamber of Commerce and The Millennium had Shepp Mullin intervene in the lawsuit against the defective Hollywood Community Plan . To their displeasure Judge Good ruled on the basis of the facts and law and not on the basis of who was the wealthiest. Now the Millennium is subject to an injunction as are all other mega projects based on the fatally flawed Hollywood Community Plan. Angelenos should sleep a little sounder knowing that at least one judge rules on the legal merits and not according to who has the most power.
Jim Geoghan December 13, 2013 at 03:16 PM
Los Angeles CIty Council... the best city council money can buy.n They were warned of the possible earthquake fault... ignored it. Were told over and over the Hollywood Community Plan was full of ancient data... ignored it. They needed to payback the people they work for - developers with money. The residents of Los Angeles are NOT represented by the City Council. We are represented by the courts. You cannot buy a judge as easily as buying a city council member.
ruth December 13, 2013 at 03:20 PM
Millennium paid off city politicos..Villaraigosa TWO terms, Garcetti, Councilmembers/Plum Committee:Englander, Reyes, Huizar, all those making decisions on their projects..Gil Cedillo, Mitch O'farrell, Wendy Greuel campaigns, including donating to both garcetti's and hers mayoral campaigns,..so her hands were tied as far as coming to the aid of all opposed to Millennium..City Departments, they are the Biggest donors to The Hollywood Chamber who did all they could including lieing about many things, to get the HCP passed..and set up a PAC to get 'our candidates elected" (gubler) i.e. O'farrell, garcetti. They also supported Curren Prince, new councilmember. And our neighborhood councils unfortunately are infiltrated by Millennium employees/lobbyists..one is a board member of Central Hollywood NC, the only NC out of Seven that voted to support Millennium projects, chair of Aarons Hollywood Cap Park and on Chamber's PAC Board and has no address in Hollywood (to be on a NC you are supposed to either have a home or Biz address in the NC area. Yet no one removes this person. Garcetti power? Millennium power? Millennium also hired the PRESIDENT of THE PLANNING COMMISSION as their architect..Another decision making body on Millennium projects..Ofcourse they approved Millennium. Hollywood Chamber was hiring Millennium's Law Firm to STOP the three suits against the Hollywood Community Plan. http://labusinessjournal.com/news/2012/sep/20/hollywood-chamber-hires-law-firm/ What a Movie this would make! No one would believe it could all be true!


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