Lawsuits Challenge Hollywood Community Plan

Three suits allege the plan violates the California Environmental Quality Act and does not consider the effects of traffic, air quality and land use.

It's been a month since the City Council passed the Hollywood Community Plan update and now challenges to the plan are making their way through the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Three lawsuits from separate groups are seeking a re-evaluation of the environmental impacts of the Hollywood Community Plan Update, which serves as a guide for future growth and development in the community.

A lawsuit filed by the La Mirada Homeowners Association of Hollywood on Wednesday alleges the plan violates the California Environmental Quality Act and does not adequately consider the effects of traffic, air quality and land use. The group describes itself as property owners and residents. 

In June, the councilmembers unanimously approved an update to the Hollywood Community Plan. It had not been updated since its creation in 1988.

Two more suits that challenge the plan were filed in recent weeks.

One filed by SaveHollywood.org on Wednesday contends the plan violates CEQA and the city violated the Brown Act and the Public Records Act. Members of the group live in Hollywood and span from the mid-Wilshire area to the Valley. .

A third lawsuit filed by Fix the City on July 13, also contends the plan violates CEQA. The filing describes the group as a nonprofit public benefit corporation, with a mission to “improve neighborhood and critical infrastructure.” Its members are residents in Los Angeles.

The following challenges could bar the city from issuing development permits.

The Hollywood Community Plan Update was signed by the mayor at the end of June. Its effective date was scheduled for Aug. 6.


Scott Zwartz July 21, 2012 at 01:17 AM
All this litigation could have been avoid if Garcetti had allowed the Hollywood Community Plan to be based on facts from the US Census rather than on nonsense which Garcetti must have obtained from a delusional unicorn.
Russell Smith July 22, 2012 at 06:45 PM
The developers have all these petty politicians in their back pockets. It makes me sick how they just draw pretty pictures on a map, not caring what effect their machinations will have on the people who live inside those pretty pictures. Developers are part of what's wrong with this country.
ruth July 23, 2012 at 07:39 PM
This is all about corrupt City Politics. Garcetti&Villaraigosa=Millennium=Campaign Funding He lied about 'knocking on doors' about The HCP. He went into hiding about it.. He is still in hiding .. hiding behind a spokesperson, whose task it is to continue his lieing, denying and misrepresenting for him . Garcetti is a coward..He STLL will not come out in the open about The HCP..Maybe he is ashamed? He manipulated this plan to serve his campaign financiers. Sold Hollywood off to developers. His Mayoral bid depends on them, Ignored President of LAFD's warnings about creating this 'high rise, high density city' .."this is irresponsible.. People will die ..Fires will burn out of control..We are already understaffed...we can't get to the people now....This is Dangerous Stuff"" Garcetti to the people at City Council Meeting June 19th when it was passed.: "Don't be afraid..". We'll remember to tell our neighbor that as he lays dieing waiting for an ambulance that can't get to him in time in your new high density Hollywood.. your "New Golden Age of Hollywood' that you spoke about at The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce yearly event...sponsored by Millennium Partners. "Hey, Charlie, sorry you are dieing but Eric said you should not be afraid..."


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