L.A. Mayoral Candidates Square Off at UCLA

Candidates are gearing up for the March 5 election.

Candidates vying for the Los Angeles mayoral seat participated in a live, televised debate Monday night at UCLA.

A panel presented questions to each of the candidates, including City Councilman Eric Garcetti, attorney and radio talk show host Kevin James, City Controller Wendy Greuel, former technology executive Emanuel Pleitez, and City Councilwoman Jan Perry.

The debate at Royce Hall focused mainly on the city's financial woes, in addition to public school and transportation issues, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"As mayor of Los Angeles, I get not only being the fiscal watchdog, and showing where we can find this money, and knowing where the bodies are buried," said Greuel, who served on the City Council for seven years. "I've learned as city controller, you don't always make friends when you highlight what can be done better."

Each of the candidates said the mayor should be involved in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Times reported. All five also supported a rail stop on the Crenshaw line at Leimert Park, according to the Times.

The election is March 5.

Read the full Times story here.

Who has your vote for mayor? Tell us in the comments section below.

jerry January 30, 2013 at 04:32 PM
You are correct! Kevin James is the answer. To all those who will be voting PLEASE do some research. See how Perry, Gruel and Garcetti are tangible parts of our problem, they cannot be the solution. They may be nice people but they are terrible leaders. We must not vote for them.
Jo February 03, 2013 at 01:44 AM
Yes, vote for Kevin James to keep LA from going bankrupt due to the lavish pensions & retiree benefits that Gruehl, Perry and Garcetti gave away. LA City laid off 5,000 workers to fund lavish pensions. They cut street sweeping from ev. 4 weeks to almost never. Only 3 men to clear all clogged, weed-infested storm drains for the entire SFV. 1/3 of LA's budget goes to fund pensions+retiree benefits so now they can't provide services. LA budgeted zero for sidewalk repairs and tree trimming; they only do those when there's an emergency. They installed grates in storm drains so, without any street sweeping, sludge collects and storm drains have become trash receptacles and weed-infested planters. LA City has removed all the city trash cans from Reseda Blvd to save money except a few; now pedestrians fling their trash on the sidewalks and stuff wrappers and soda cups into planters. LAMC 56.08 requires owners to maintain their parkways & sidewalks even behind block walls such as Tampa, Devonshire, etc. Because LA laid off many enforcement staff, they do not enforce Code 56.08. Now, weeds are tall and trash collects along main streets. The broken window syndrome is taking effect, when a town appears neglected, crime moves in. Greig Smith got motion 07-0699 approved in '07 to fine 56.08 violators, but LA won't implement it even though they need the revenue. Councilman Englander says volunteer and clean our violating neighbors' parkways ourselves. That's the solution? Kevin James
YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA February 14, 2013 at 06:51 AM
American Democracy and Politics gone astray! – YJ Draiman In reviewing the current political mood and elections in America (that includes city state county and federal), it clearly reveals, that in recent elections, that some of the divisions of our country and culture, as framed by politicians and special interests - often pit people, job security and health benefits against taxpayers and corporate interests. No matter what we believe might be best for our communities, cities, schools, jobs or country - near term or longer term - the forces of change are here. Take a close look at one of the largest inter-generational protest gatherings of our times as the drama between well-financed political forces and hard-pressed budgets collide with proposed cuts in educational programs. This political drama is accompanied by the silencing of workers that often trade salary for longer-term benefits. What does the future hold for a country where tens of millions believe that only the rich and powerful shuffle the deck while others are dealt frequent losing hands? What is our purpose? YJ Draiman http://draimanformayor2013.com buyamerican@economicsustainability.net
YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA February 14, 2013 at 06:54 AM
American Democracy and Politics gone astray! – YJ Draiman - part 2 The mega-selling of American democracy is the major political Parties invention, and the political machine of the two major parties are its beneficiaries. Moreover, the major losers are the American people. You need to make a ruckus. Do not fall into the seductive trap of cynicism. That is what the sellers of American democracy are counting on. If you give up on our system of government, they win everything. Let us present qualified candidates, where money is not the criteria. Register to vote and vote; the masses outnumber the special interests at least 8-2, by our massive voting block we can take back our government and have it serve all the people, not just the select few. Power to the people! YJ Draiman http://draimanformayor2013.com buyamerican@economicsustainability.net A growing under current in America - our democracy is for sale to the highest bidders while the rich get richer and the poor increase in numbers with an uncertain future.
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