Hollywood Election Results 2012; Check Back All Day for Updates

Check back during the day for live election results from Hollywood.

It's Election Day, and Hollywood Patch is the place to check on all your news coverage during the day.

How crowded are the polls? What are people saying? How are the votes going in both the local and national races?  Check back for updates all through the day.

Voting Info

  • Sample Ballot: To see your sample ballot, go to the County Registrar's website and enter your address.
  • Polling locations: To find polling locations and precincts, click here.
  • Key Issues: Need a refresher? Check out these Patch stories here.

If you have trouble at the polls, please contact us immediately or leave notes in the COMMENT area, and if you have other thoughts about the election or how the day is going, please leave your thoughts. You can also post your own photos as well.


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