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Hollywood Community Plan to Return to PLUM Committee

The city panel heard 15 minutes of public comments and will revisit the proposal in two weeks.

The Los Angeles City Council's Planning Land Use and Management Committee Tuesday held off on making a final decision on the proposed Hollywood Community Plan update.

The committee allotted 15 minutes for public comments on Tuesday. After hearing comments, Chairman Ed Reyes said the committee will take up the item in two weeks.

"We had public comment the last time we visited this item and we opened this out of courtesy for 15 more minutes," Reyes said. "I want to close public comment at this time and we will choose to open it up if we need to."

Reyes did not provide any further details on the decision.

The plan would serve as a blueprint for future development in Hollywood. The current plan has not been updated since it was created in 1988.

Review by the committee is the last stop before it goes to the full City Council for consideration.

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george abrahams April 18, 2012 at 04:43 AM
Although it could have been worse, allowing only 15 minutes of 1-minute public comment for a major change to the General Plan is inadequate. There were many people in attendance who did not get a chance to speak. Speakers on other minor items on the agenda were allow 2 minutes each to speak.
T Gerger April 18, 2012 at 05:01 PM
• The Plan has no traffic mitigation measures required to be funded or installed prior to the start of future project development; • The Plan does not address Infrastructure mitigations to accommodate future commercial and mixed use developments, while providing for adequate fire, life, safety and sewer services for existing residential communities north of Franklin, and • The Plan has no height limits on future developments between Franklin Avenue and Sunset Boulevard, east of Cahuenga Boulevard. As presently written, the HCP could allow projects over 1-million square feet and building heights of 50-stories plus. This could result in a “curtain of buildings” obscuring not only historical projects like the Capitol Records building but blocking views for the residents of the hills south and more importantly blocking views of the iconic Hollywood Sign for those in the south looking north. Let’s be clear, we’re not saying “no development”, we’re saying “responsible development” given the current constraints in Hollywood This Plan is flawed in many respects and needs to be sent back and reevaluated based on correct census data, the community’s clear objection to the increased density and height in Hollywood and the lack of planning to properly mitigate traffic and infrastructure concerns.
Fran Reichenbach April 18, 2012 at 05:28 PM
A subject this HUGE should warrant additional time for speakers - 2-minutes and at least an hour or more to hear them all speak. Check out SaveHollywood.org to see a photo of that graphic shown to the PLUM Committee. It's powerful for certain but it shouldn't have taken that kind of a graphic image for the PLUM committee to learn the core issues we have with the Hollywood Community Plan Update. Kevin is right - this Millennium Project isn't technically part of the plan but it's also assumed by the developer that they will get permission to build that tall (6:1 FAR). This graphic shows only one of two towers - What? Is this the Hollywood of tomorrow? Yes, if the Hollywood Community Plan gets approved. People are uniting to stop this and anyone living in Hollywood now would be smart to join them. Go to that website and register - also sign that petition - SaveHollywood.org.
Scott Campbell April 18, 2012 at 05:51 PM
This was the second opportunity for public comment to the PLUM Committee. They heard three hours of testimony at the first hearing three weeks ago, which could have been the end of public comment. Every speaker in attendance that day had an opportunity to speak, albeit still for one minute each.
Laura April 18, 2012 at 09:46 PM
What everyone needs to understand is that the Hollywood Community Plan about to be adopted has NO HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS EAST OF CAHUENGA from Franklin down to Sunset. If a developer can aggregate enough property they can build a skyscraper in Hollywood. There are height restrictions everywhere EXCEPT this area. It is unacceptable. Please go to www.savehollywood.org and sign the petition to object to the Hollywood Community Plan.
Daniel Costa April 19, 2012 at 05:04 AM
Is there no limit to the pretentious attitude of our council members. There were many things said at the last hearing that made my blood rise, but one particular sentence particularly rubbed me the wrong way. It was arrogantly pronounced by Ed Reyes at the abrupt end of the hearing as the people were protesting their lack of due process at expressing their opinion (after having diligently handed in their speaker cards according to court procedure). So what was this phrase that irked me the most; "we gave the public 15 minutes out of courtesy" or something to that effect. Seriously! As far as I recall, this is still supposed to be a Democracy until we publicly declare it as otherwise. Our right to voice our opinion is not a "courtesy", it is a given right under the constitution and it's time we asserted that right without shame or reserve! I want these three stooges that sat in disdain before us to know we hold them responsible for their actions, morally and legally. And I'm past being apologetic in the way I deliver that message!. They don't grant us genuine courtesy, so why should we?
Daniel Costa April 19, 2012 at 05:06 AM
Follow up: Here is the message I wanted to relay before I was denied the courtesy to speak: After witnessing the shameful display of contempt for public opinion at these so called hearings, it is self evident that our elected officials have sold out the best interest of this community and its residents’ to the highest bidder. Now we could try to appeal to the higher conscience of these seasoned politicians, but not only would that be an oxymoron, but an exercise in futility as well, since this plan was never up for debate from its early inception. So instead let us speak the only language our Kleptocrats seem to comprehend, that of power and money, or rather the loss of it if they proceed with this disastrous course of action. Specifically in the form of a “lawsuit” backed by Hollywood Residents who have the most at stake should this recklessly ill-conceived plan be implemented. An act we will not tolerate and fight diligently from taking place.
Daniel Costa April 19, 2012 at 05:24 AM
3 hours of witch was overwhelmingly filled by developers (they spoke 45 minutes), community planners and city officials praising themselves for their achievements in a despicable self-gratifying manner. In contrast, those opposed to the plan had a whole minute before they were rudely cut off. Now you state that we the public should be thankful they even gave us a few minutes to voice our opinion at this last meeting. I think you have Democracy backwards, people have the right to an unlimited voice and their officials have an obligation to hear them since their constituents elected them and pay for their salaries! When Ed Reyes prematurely closed the hearing at around 4 PM when his shift was far from over, he was in contempt of his legal obligation and needs to be fired as such. So scott don't insult our intelligence in the future unless you have a valid point!
Fran Reichenbach April 19, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Yes, Laura. You're so right. And for the areas in the Hollywood Core that are not counted in this "unrestricted" area, you have large areas of 6:1 FAR which means that really tall buildings can be built. Look at the Millennium Project. They are almost ready to break ground and you can see how tall it will be by going to SaveHollywood.org. That graphic shows only one of two tall towers! Can we afford this in our Hollywood community? I don't think so.
ruth April 19, 2012 at 08:18 PM
When the the big dramatic moment, 'THE REVEAL' came.. The poster of the 55 story skyscraper proposed by Millennium on Vine was unveiled..dwarfing The Capitol Reecords Building, obstructing The Hollywood Hills from view, (and more to follow)..waking them up from their naps..it was pretty shocking that this was the first they heard of it, had seen it, and knew nothing about it. In light of the fact that each one of them has accepted campaign contributions from Millennium..(Public Record) It was also obvious from the questions they posed to a city planner about this monster development, they have never read, and were not familiar with The Hollywood Community Plan. And they are 'The Deciders' And will the lobbyists/advocates for Millennium, including a Hollywood N.C., and The Hollywood Chamber President, who all constantly speak in support of The HCP at hearings, lieing about all the support for it, and the MYTHS about all the meetings and outreach that have occurred .. Will any of them ever BE HONEST and admit who they really are, and who they are working for? Millennium?.. Doubt it.
george abrahams April 19, 2012 at 08:25 PM
There was no justification for limiting public comment on a major ordinance that will affect the future of the entire city for all time. An inquiry to the City Clerk revealed that the number of cards submitted was 23 for / 27 against / 6 general comment, yet only 7 for / 5 against / 6 general comment were allowed to speak. The General Plan is the most significant influence on all aspects of life in Los Angeles. An additional 37 minutes is all it would have taken to hear the people who had to take the whole day off to attend the PLUM hearing, yet the Committee still suppressed comment.
Scott Zwartz April 19, 2012 at 09:29 PM
They do not need to read the Hollywood Plan as they will vote for it no matter what it says. Los Angeles City Hall is a gigantic RICO enterprise where each crook supports the other 14 crooks which is why they vote together 99.3% of the time. The only thng worse than the Hollywood Plan was the mayor's State of the City speech where he promised new find new ways to funnel billions of tax dollars to his developer cronies.


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