Garcetti, Greuel Lead in Mayoral Fundraising

The city controller raises $1.11 million in 2011 while the councilman, who represents a portion of Hollywood, raises more than $1 million in the last four months of 2011.

Mayoral candidate Austin Beutner sought Tuesday to put a positive spin on a campaign fundraising effort that fell short of three other top contenders in the mayoral race that is still about 14 months away.

Beutner reported raising about $222,000 in the second half of 2011, while City Councilman Eric Garcetti raised more than $1 million in the last four months of the year. City Controller Wendy Greuel also reported amassing a total campaign war chest of $1.1 million since she entered the race last spring.

Beutner's fundraising effort brought his total haul to $627,446. He has spent a good deal of that money already — $535,879, according to the City Ethics Commission's website.

City Councilwoman Jan Perry has raised a total $827,328, but still has more than $625,500 to spend.

"The very ritual of bragging about money raised by politicians from special interests they are supposed to oversee or regulate is one of the reasons why so little changes in our city," Beutner said.  "I'm building a campaign built on ideas — ideas to create jobs, ideas to fix problems and the independence needed to get things done."

Beutner also suffered a setback last week when his two top political strategists parted ways with the campaign over strategic differences. Beutner has described the separation as mutual.

Campaign spokesman Bret VandenBos framed Beutner's fundraising as a success given his lack of a political base on account of never having run for office.

"We are building a foundation for future fundraising and we are building a campaign operation to reach out to voters, all without the usual taxpayer supported staff system career politicians rely on," VandenBos said. "Anyone who knows Austin knows his track record of accomplishment. We will have the resources to get our message out."

Beutner said earlier this month that he would "invest" in his campaign after establishing a base of supporters.

Conservative talk radio host Kevin James trailed the front-runners, raising $154,253 through Dec. 31.

Two other potential candidates, Los Angeles County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and real estate developer Rick Caruso, have not ruled out entering the race.

Other candidates that have filed paperwork to raise money for a campaign, but have yet to file fundraising reports, include actor Theodore Crissell, filmmaker Malcolm Mays, Northridge East Neighborhood Councilman YJ Draiman, Jose F. Di Raimondo, Addie Miller, David Saltsburg and Rick S. Young.

erik erikson February 01, 2012 at 03:23 PM
if you want all of LA to look and smell like hollywood, vote for garcetti, he has done nothing for the community except for big developers. high drug and gang activity, rougue private police force (BID), the sidewalks all are broken, potholes everywhere, gang writing on every corner. there hasnt been a dime spent on public or community serives or property under garcettis rule.......it all went to big business
ruth February 01, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Agreed..Garcetti is beholdin to his big developer buddies .. funding his campaign. basically turning our city over to them to do what they want with us.. He lies, misrepresents facts, and denies, all that is going on here about The Hollywood Plan, He has gone into hiding over it! Denies there even is a plan..after he endorsed it in a Press Conference with Villaraigosa..It is all public record..he is being funded by developers about to ruin our city with skyscrapers, higher density, and all he says is 'there is no specific plan' Is he kidding?? Against all the opposition it has been pushed through, already passed by the Planning Commissioners(some Villaraigosa APPOINTEES)..Next is PLUM COMMITTEE, then City Council..Is HE going to vote AGAINST it..He cant..He has made promises to those funding his candidacy..These promises made him fight for the CRA.. He lost.. The people here cried out -"do over!" And HE had to be chased down in a hallway for a response to an L.A. Weekly article about it..and said there is 'no specific plan' Lies.. ..He will turn us into a new Manhattan. with absolutely no regard for quality of life here, while his area, where he lives goes unscathed and untouched. Vote for ANYONE but Eric Garcetti.


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