Denny's Closure Prompts Call to Shop Local

Councilman Steve Tye and Mayor Ling-Ling Chang say city leaders have pushed to attract and retain businesses and now residents must do their part.

The recent closure of the Denny’s on Pathfinder Road prompted comments on Diamond Bar Patch from residents ranging from sadness to anger.

Some lamented to closure of yet another eatery.  Others complained about the planned tutoring center opening in its place, with some of the messages taking on a racial tone.  Several pointed fingers at city leaders, blaming them for not doing enough to keep and attract businesses.

Councilman Steve Tye took some time during his comment period to defend the efforts of city leaders.

“This council and many councils before us worked hard to find businesses who want to do business in Diamond Bar,” he said.

Tye pointed to the closure of a farmer’s market on the north end of town years ago, as well as the more recent departures of Ralphs, Blockbuster, Firestone, and Hollywood Video.

“Those were corporate decisions,” he said.

The key to keeping gas stations, stores, and eateries in town like the newly opened Julie’s Café is for residents to patronize them, he said.

“We have to do what we can to support these businesses or we’ll be saying ‘whatever happened to D’Antonio’s,’” he said.

Mayor Ling-Ling Chang echoed Tye’s thoughts about the need to residents to shop in Diamond Bar. The city only charges $10 for a business license, she said.

“We are incredibly business friendly,” she said.

Chang said she and the city manager have attended a conference of shopping center developers and she was told that some hesitate to come to Diamond Bar because of the population within a three-to-five-mile radius of the city.

Between Diamond Bar and Chino Hills is open space, as is the case from the city to Brea, she said.  The area between Diamond Bar and Walnut is industrial, she said.

“When you look at the pure numbers, it is difficult for us,” she said.  “We are doing whatever we can.  We’ve been trying really hard.”


Johnny Wilde September 05, 2012 at 04:18 AM
Unfortunately it is what it is, we can't go back to the past. I was here when it was advertised as "country living" and the hills were full of cattle. Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Montana, etc. etc. are full of California refugees. I'm considering it myself but for some reason I still like it here. I don't think those places are all they're cracked up to be. We have so much to do here in Southern California and this is still a nice place to live even though there's been a LOT of changes. Roll with it or roll on, sometimes a tough choice, (but make sure the wife's happy) lol.
Dave September 05, 2012 at 04:42 AM
I ended up going to Noodle House. I walked inside, but everyone looked at me like, why are you here, this is for asians only. I looked around, and they were right. I left and went to KFC. Oh well. Live and learn. Chino Hills, here I come.
Johnny Wilde September 05, 2012 at 05:00 AM
I've been in there before and they were very pleasant, but it was late and almost closed. I don't know how they treat you when it's busy but the Pho Super Bowl folks are super polite, as are the people at Thai Harmony. The only place I didn't feel welcomed was the Korean BBQ place by the golf course, but maybe it was just a language barrier.
Roland Sherman September 06, 2012 at 10:47 AM
I worked and had friends in DB some 30 years ago,and from what I see now,and what people have to say,including the people posting here,DB is like the movie CRASH;there's a big mix ethnically,but NO ONE REALLY LIKES ONE ANOTHER,OR GETS ALONG very well.Of course,that follows suit with all of LA county.Nothing ground breaking here.
Lita March 03, 2013 at 06:47 PM
Denny's tried to work with the city. Signs were too short, freeway trees too tall, and place became hidden from freeway view. Problem was franchise owners - money greedy. South end is dying a slow and painful death for long time residents.


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