UPDATED: City Council Scraps Hollywood Community Plan

The unanimous vote was a response to a December legal ruling which said the update, which allowed for denser projects and taller buildings, was "fundamentally flawed."

A zoning plan that allowed denser projects and taller buildings to be constructed in the Hollywood area was scrapped today by the Los Angeles City Council. Patch file photo.
A zoning plan that allowed denser projects and taller buildings to be constructed in the Hollywood area was scrapped today by the Los Angeles City Council. Patch file photo.

Originally posted at 3:03 p.m. April 2, 2014. Edited with new details.

A zoning plan that allowed denser projects and taller buildings to be constructed in the Hollywood area was scrapped today by the Los Angeles City Council.

The council voted 11-0 to repeal a 2012 update to the Hollywood Community Plan -- which governs the types of projects allowed in the area -- in response to a December ruling by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge who said the update was "fundamentally flawed" and must be rescinded.

Proposed projects in the Hollywood area will now be reviewed according to a 1988 version of the plan while city officials work "to address deficiencies that were identified" by the judge, according to Tony Arranaga, spokesman for Councilman Mitch O'Farrell.

Planning officials said about 18 projects were put on hold following the judge's ruling, but they will now be considered under the 1988 zoning guidelines. About about 44 projects approved by the end of last year under the 2012 update will not be affected by the repeal, officials said.

Judge Allan J. Goodman ruled that the 2012 planning document was based on outdated population estimates from 2004 and 2005 and did not properly plan for an increased demand for city services.

The zoning blueprint was approved in 2012 with vocal support from then- City Councilman Eric Garcetti, now the mayor. Supporters said it would help the city transform run-down and crime-plagued neighborhoods into bustling residential and commercial centers.

But Hollywood residents' groups challenged the plan in court, contending -- among other things -- that the allowance for greater density would increase traffic congestion.

The 2012 update included provisions that allowed "transit-oriented development," which means taller and denser buildings could go up around public transit hubs, such as the Metro Red Line station at Hollywood and Highland, city officials said.

The update also "sought ... to steer growth away from hillsides and lower density residential neighborhoods," so while it allowed higher densities near transit stations, it also "established new, lower height limits and increased restrictions on development in order to protect lower density areas," city planner Ken Bernstein said.

--City News Service

bill miller April 02, 2014 at 08:15 PM
bill miller April 02, 2014 at 08:20 PM
THE PEOPLE..not just Hollywodians..but the thousands across LA and beyond, who signed petitions, wrote letters and e-mails, spoke out at hearings, called councilmember's offices ..and were IGNORED, have finally been HEARD. When not one councilmember represented THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE throughout this whole nightmare, a judge agreed with what all the people reiterated over and over that was wrong with this plan. Garcetti knew there were ample grounds for law suits yet he still made sure he got the illegal thing, based on lies, passed UNANIMOUSLY..his final gift, tied up with a bow, to his developer funders, whose massive projects his plan accommodated, the 'developer's dream plan', before he stepped down as councilman. What was the cost to the city for the lawsuits that Millennium funded Garcetti and Millennium funded Plum Committee were warned by their own legal council would be hitting them it if it passed as it was..? In spite of ALL the warnings they all were willing to risk it and follow Garcetti in a criminally negligent unanimous vote for an ILLEGAL Plan.. And they have no money to fix our streets or upgrade any parks . How about they all pay penalties for their vote approving an illegal Hollywood Plan, and be forced to pony up their salaries.., and stop trying to figure out how to make THE PEOPLE foot the bill for their irresponsible and stupid decisions, choosing developers over real PEOPLE who LIVE HERE, continually risking law suits and being sued, always led by Eric Garcetti. Does anyone ever say 'no' to Eric Garcetti? Maybe it is high time they start: thinking for themselves, actually reading things before the vote on them, listening to their constituents, and saying 'no' to Garcetti, O'Farrell, and their big developer boss who they sold their souls and and almost sold Hollywood to..
Penny Arévalo April 02, 2014 at 09:03 PM
City News Service (the wire service that provided this story) has updated the article. While I'm not in Hollywood, I'm not from Des Moines! I am originally from L.A., now based in O.C. (Click on my name to get to the profile). Patch has gone through a temporary tightening, but we are working behind the scenes on some great plans. Until then, I am relying on the news service to help me cover more than three dozen sites. Thanks for your patience!
bill miller April 02, 2014 at 09:34 PM
Thank you, Penny for including this story in Hollywood Patch. Believe me, most won't and don't! People can go to http://www.savehollywood.org/ for more details.... but this is a good start.
Holly Dooley April 16, 2014 at 04:40 PM
Hooray for Hollywood!!! I am happy that after confronting this issue for awhile, that finally there is some sanity in our legal system in one judge who had the tenacity to stand up to the corruption in our city. Now we'll wait to see how Garcetti and the corrupt city council work to get around this. 44 projects are unaffected by this legal decision; I'd like to know which ones and how they affect me, a resident of Hollywood. That's a lot of projects. This new law submitted by Garcetti and approved by our amazingly corrupt City Council, eliminating any monitoring of infrastructure within the EIR is a shining example of their complete disregard for anyone but their financial contributors. This needs to be reversed. We need to pay attention to the use of our infrastructure. More traffic means more wear & tear on streets. Hollywood streets are in need of repair. The 101 freeway traffic has increased dramatically over the past few years, increasing wear. Reduced Fire & Police response times due to traffic is a big deal, which will now be ignored by Garcetti and his gang. The sewer systems can only take so much. How will this be addressed with all the new construction of huge projects? My concerns have also always included the decreasing air quality, a moot point to developers, our Mayor and our city council who believe it is just part of doing business. It affects our health. I can see it in my home with the black sooty dust that accumulates within an hour of cleaning. It covers everything. The noise pollution from increased traffic is also not considered, although it affects residents. The removal of "neighborhoods" by inserting massive construction projects re-shapes the city into disconnected anonymous zones. Crowded density tries mans patience, shortens fuses, creates chaos. Ask those who live in cities in China. I do hope, for the sake of residents of Hollywood and all of Los Angeles, that some honest people can be voted into our city council in the future. We all don't have the same vision, but at least that would take the monetary support of a candidate out of the equation.


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