City Committee Hears Public Input on Proposed Hollywood Community Plan

The Planning Land Use and Management Committee will revisit the proposed plan on April 17.

After hearing comments on  the Hollywood Community Plan from more than 50 residents and members of the business community, the Los Angeles City Council's Planning Land Use and Management Committee on Tuesday scheduled further consideration of the plan for April 17.

The plan would serve as a blueprint for future development in Hollywood. It aims to direct population growth and commercial development near transit hubs and away from lower-density and historic neighborhoods, city planners said.

The current plan has not been updated since it was created in 1988.

Councilmen Ed Reyes, Jose Huizar and Mitchell Englander reviewed the plan, hearing comments and asking questions, for nearly two hours.

Some concerns from residents included building height limits, increased traffic, ensuring hillsides are protected, historical preservation and concern that the plan had inaccurate population figures.

At least 57 speakers addressed the committee, and written comments also were  submitted.

As has been the case throughout the review process, the plan drew conflicting views from residents and business people. 

Representatives for Councilmen Eric Garcetti, Tom LaBonge and Paul Koretz, whose districts include a portion of Hollywood, as well as a representative for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, voiced support of the plan.

The Hollywood Community Plan received several changes just before Tuesday’s meeting.

Councilman Ed Reyes, the committee’s chairman, said the item will be considered further at the committee's April 17 meeting. In the meantime, committee members will review the oral and written comments and the revisions to the plan submitted Tuesday.

Reyes said he wants to make sure the committee approves “a strong document that reflects the concerns of the community and addresses the needs of the city as well and the impacts addressed by the constituents.”

For past coverage, visit our topic page for the Hollywood Community Plan.

View the community plan here.

ruth March 28, 2012 at 06:58 PM
This is a charade. Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, Ed Reyes, Eric Garcetti, Villaraigosa and many City Council members past and present have been/are being funded by one of the wealthiest developers in the country, waiting to stake their claim here in Hollywood and start building. Also targeted is the Wilshire area, referred to as another 'blighted area' ..This is just the beginning..The Plan will allow them to build whatever they want here..a Plan based on LIES and inaccuracies about the Population Estimates. With no mitigations for increased traffic, increased need for LAPD and LAFD. We can continue living here but at our own peril. Hardly any street is NOT going to be changed and all not far enough away from residential communities to NOT NEGATIVELY impact them all, in many ways... According to Mary Richards 'only those within a 500 foot radius of proposed changes " were informed of the two public hearings back in Nov. If this is all news to you..It is to ALOT of people in Hollywood..That's the dirty little secret and easier to slip this through and guarantee the HOLLYOOD CHAMBER MEMBERS will ALWAYS outnumber the opposers at hearings. The Chamber is as corrupt as City Council..and would like our communities to all be RAZED to make more room for more skyscrapers. And the CLOWNS we voted for, NOT ONE will stand up and do the right thing. Money talks... Remember them at the ballot box!
Scott Zwartz March 29, 2012 at 04:50 PM
fro soem reason which is unknown to me the media refuses to acknowledge the basic problem nwith the plan--it is based on fiction. By law all community plan must be supported by substantial evidence. This plan says Hollywood needs to build for 250,000 person by 2030, but there is ZERO evidence that Hollywood will hv 250,000 ppl by 2030. In fact, according to the US 2000 and 2010 Censuses Hollywood is experincing a 20 year decline in population and the rate of population loss is acelrating so that by 2030, Hollywood will have 190,000 or fewer people. Those are the facts which the media is unwilling to report. I will stress those are the FACTS! If one wants to take the time and review the ra data census tract by census tract, they can do so at http://bit.ly/xuG1aH This map is beneficial fgor those who want facts and not lies. In pretending that the population is increasing. the Finale EIR for the Hollywood Plan identities four specific census tracts and asserts that the net population grwoth in those tracts prove the population is increasing. The interactive map shows that those 4 tracts had a net population loss of 225. A plan which declares that "Down" means "Up" and is off by 60,000 persons is not supported by substantial evidence. If the Plan is voluntarily not re-done based on facts, the courts will order it to be redone.


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