Bicyclist Left Unconscious By Hit-and-Run Driver

Police are seeking witnesses in the area of the 2700 block of Outpost Drive around 4 p.m. Friday.

Police are seeking the assistance of residents living in Outpost Estates who may have seen or had a surveillance camera tape the area where a cyclist was struck by a vehicle and left severely injured Friday, according to a newsletter sent by the homeowners association.

Per the newsletter:

A bicyclist was struck and left unconscious with severe head trauma by a hit and run driver at approximately 4pm on the 2700 block Outpost Drive [Friday]. The vehicle did not stop and was reported to be an orange jeep. If you witnessed the hit and run or have security cameras that captured the accident or the car fleeing the scene, please contact our Senior Lead Officer, Nicole Montgomery and email the Outpost HOA as well by replying to this email: info[at]outpostestates.com. A license plate number and driver description would be extremely helpful to law enforcement.

SLO Montgomery's email: 36019[at]lapd.lacity.org

Below is information given to us by a resident who lives on the 2700 block where the accident occurred:  

"A bicyclist was hit and knocked off his bike just south of the Mulholland intersection where the cars speed off Mulholland on to Outpost heading south.  

The car did not stop but it was reported to be an orange Jeep. The accident occurred at 4pm today  (6/29/12). The victim was taken away by paramedics with very severe head injuries. He was not conscious.  

If there are any cameras that you know of aimed toward Outpost that picked up a Jeep at around 4pm headed south and the plates can be read it could be of great help to the police."

ruth July 01, 2012 at 05:29 PM
This is heartbreaking. Prayers for the cyclist.. To the City Politicos..LaBonge, Garcetti, Villaraigosa... who tell us to take our bikes on the roads here and leave our cars at home....You are living in LA LA LAND .. WAKE UP! Until you all deal with the traffic and create a REAL and SAFE cycling community I'll be taking my car..thank you very much! Thank you Eric Garcetti for inflicting upon Hollywood your Hollywood Community Plan (surprise surprise ..still not one mention of it in your lame newsletter..we'd think you are ashamed..but you have so far shown no conscience)..with no mitigations whatsoever for traffic and more importantly for Emergency Services...as Pat McOsker President of the LAFD said, protesting YOUR Hollywood Community Plan.. at a Plum Hearing..'You cant build a high rise city with the infrastructure the way it is now..we are only getting to people 40% of the time now..It is IRRESPONSIBLE..This is DANGEROUS STUFF." But you and the rest of City Council refused to listen. Thank God they got to the cyclist in time.


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