OP-ED from California PTA President: Pop Quiz on Prop. 38—One More Time

California PTA president provides information about Proposition 38.

If you are like most Californians, you know our schools are in trouble.

And you care deeply about YOUR local school.

But you have not had enough time to study the initiatives

Here is a chance to learn more about Proposition 38—so that when you enter the voting booth, it does not feel like that dreaded pop quiz.

The California State PTA helped write and is supporting Proposition 38 to restore the programs and services that have been cut at all our local schools.


Let’s start.   (Don’t miss the question for extra points at the end!)

Here is the title of Proposition 38


Read the following quotes in italics from the Independent Legislative Analyst and then see if you can answer the quiz.

“Fiscal Effect

Around $10 Billion of Additional Annual State Revenues. In the initial years—beginning in 2013–14—the annual amount of additional state revenues raised would be around $10 billion. …The total revenues generated would tend to grow over time.

Distributes School Funds Through Three Grant Programs.

Proposition 38 requires that CETF school funds be allocated as follows:

Educational Program Grants (70 Percent of Funds). The largest share of funds—70 percent of all CETF school funding—would be distributed based on the number of students at each school. …Educational program grants could be spent on a broad range of activities, including instruction, school support staff (such as counselors and librarians), and parent engagement.

Low-Income Student Grants (18 Percent of Funds). The measure requires that 18 percent of CETF school funds be allocated at one statewide rate based on the number of low-income students (defined as the number of students eligible for free school meals) enrolled in each school. As with the educational program grants, low-income student grants could be spent on a broad range of educational activities. 

Training, Technology, and Teaching Materials Grants (12 Percent of Funds). The remaining 12 percent of funds would be allocated at one statewide rate based on the number of students at each school. The funds could be used only for training school staff and purchasing up-to-date technology and teaching materials.


  1. Does Proposition 38 raise about $ 10 billion per year?
  2. Does Proposition 38 require the funds to be spent at each school based on the number of students?
  3. Does Proposition 38 provide extra funding for low-income students at their school?
  4. Does Proposition 38 help teachers with training, technology and teaching materials?


Yes to all questions


How much money will your local school receive?

Click here to find out:  www.prop38forlocalschools.org/restore.

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, check back again to learn more about Prop 38.

Carol Kocivar is the president of the California Parent Teacher Association.


Ron Moon October 23, 2012 at 05:04 PM
This Proposition if passed will only give the Teachers Union a larger trough to feed upon. Bloated Pensions. Inflated Salaries for 9 months work. Full Medical. Poor Student Test Results. Better to make Administrators and Teachers accontable for Poor Performance and get rid of those unwilling and/or unable to meet our Childrens needs. NO on 38 P.S. People need to pus our Elected Officials to promote the idea of a Voucher System. What could yo do as a Parent with aproximately$10,000.00 towards your Childs Education? Check out the Private Schools in our Valley. High Test Scores with a higher rate of Acceptance to 4 year Colleges.
Ron Moon October 23, 2012 at 05:18 PM
California Govenor Jerry Brown's Proposition 30 is no better. In fact it's worse since the Funds raised can be used for Budget Items other than Education. Riverside County Supervisor John Benoit 760-863-8905 and California State Assemblyman Brian Nestande 760-674-0164 say either they do not have a position or do not favor this Proposition. This is the Proposition that will help them fund many of their Pet Projects that because Lack of Fiscal Responsibility in the Past. How many raises in your work have you enjoyed? Do you recieve Free Full Medical? Do you recieve a Pension for just a few years of "Work"? They do. Now they want you to Pay for it.
linda hanna October 31, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Anything the school boards, unions and Teachers Administration are in favor of I will vote against. They have proved time and time again their best interest is their pocketbooks at the expense of education. Give me a child and a pencil and a pad of paper and I will educate a child at my kitchen table. Read our lips NO MORE MONEY!!
linda hanna October 31, 2012 at 12:56 AM
@Ron Moon, I agree with you completely. I like Romney's idea that the money follow the child, special ed or otherwise. Parents can take control have the ever touted "choice" (oh wait that only applies to abortion, sorry) and schools will become competitive as they should be.


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