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LAUSD Board Member Zimmer Sends Open Letter to NY Mayor Bloomberg

Steve Zimmer, Los Angeles Unified School District 4 board member, questions New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's opposition and generous campaign contribution against him in the city elections race.

Dear Mayor Bloomberg:

I read today about your $1 million contribution to the campaign to defeat me.

Before this unprecedented contribution you made no attempt to speak with me, or, to my knowledge review my record or that of my opponent.

Perhaps I haven’t pleased everyone in my pursuit to make our student’s education a priority, and by eschewing politics to pursue education reform I’ve offended the extremes of the education debate. I would have assumed that to be something you of all people would respect rather than seek to punish.

Just so you know:

  • I am a seventeen year teacher and counselor. I entered teaching as a volunteer with Teach for America and have been an outspoken advocate and agent for change in our educational system ever since.
  • As a teacher and as a school board member I’ve led reforms to improve student performance, increase parent involvement and choice, and help students graduate.
  • I’ve worked from the grassroots to transform how our schools serve our children. As a teacher, I established the first teacher Multilingual Teacher Career Academy, which served as a national model for teacher Career Ladder Academies.
  • Also as a teacher, I co-founded the Comprehensive Student Support Center, which provides health care services for students and their families. It has since been replicated across the district with great success.
  • I led the effort to establish the Parent and Family Service Centers, helping directly involve parents in their children’s education and giving them access to other resources they need to create a positive environment for their child.

I’ve fought for parent choice, expanded charters, baccalaureate curriculums, language immersion schools and reforms for students learning English (LAUSD has the largest number of English Learners of any district in the country). At the same time, I’ve demanded accountability to ensure we are prioritizing students’ needs instead of ideological agendas.

That’s where I’ve angered some of the interest groups. From what I’ve heard of your record, placing accountability and performance above ideological agendas should appeal to you – not invite your significant opposition.

You can read for yourself about how I’ve put the educational experience above all else in this article from the Jewish Journal.

I’d like to invite you to walk my district with me so I can show you what we’ve accomplished. Since you have made such a large be against me, I think it is only fair you give me the opportunity to make my case.

You can reach me on my cell phone at [number edited for privacy].


Steve Zimmer
Zimmer for School Board 2013

Jeff B. February 14, 2013 at 08:33 PM
Did he just say he fought for expanded Charters??? Bahahahahaha Zimmer is the poster boy for hurting the Charter movement! Don't worry Stevie, the over 10,000 kids on the waiting list can stand in line for a couple of years, no rush.
Lisa Chapman February 19, 2013 at 08:58 PM
This is really sad. This is a desperate attempt to make his last grasp for a position that he no longer deserves. As a LAUSD parent that cannot send my child to our home school because of failing academics. I, along with hundreds of other local Westside parents have to go out of our way to find a school that is diverse and that offers great academic programs. We want to stay in the public school system, for many reasons, but doing so has become a difficult and complicated process. Steve Zimmer only champions the disadvantaged student, he does not stand for all students in the LAUSD district. For the children that need and deserve great academic programs, they are forced to attend Charter Schools outside of their home schools, like Paul Revere....and then take their chances with lottery systems and the like. All to obtain a decent education within the LAUSD system...to us, Steve Zimmer does not represent us well...or at all. My vote, and thousands of others will be for Kate Anderson.
Deborah Lashever March 01, 2013 at 08:38 PM
Please read the following letter from Valerie Fields, former LAUSD board member. "As you know, I am a former member of the LAUSD Board of Education and I found Anderson to be very uninformed, she has no clear idea of what the obligations of a board member is. Additionally she is strongly for the creation of more charter schools. I believe that charter schools are a thrust to privatize public education on the taxpayers' dime. Some charters are excellent and some are really dreadful. Most do not provide better education than district schools in the same neighborhoods. My subjective impression is that she is just looking for an elective office and is not dedicated to education and would jump for what she considers a 'higher' office as soon as one is available. I am also very disturbed about megabucks coming from billionaires including the NYC mayor who has never stepped inside a Los Angeles classroom. The schools in his city are not so wonderful so why is he diverting his attention 3000 miles away? Because a clique of billionaires and some ordinary millionaires are attempting once again to control the district. Just because you've been to school doesn't make you an education expert. Some of the billionaire boys' club are just anti-union and Zimmer, a teacher is a member of UTLA. Therefore I have sent money to Zimmer and will not only vote for him, I have been urging my friends and acquaintances to do the same.
Deborah Lashever March 01, 2013 at 08:43 PM
You must ask yourself why all the big money for Kate Anderson. What would Bloomberg possibly want with having a candidate in his pocket in Los Angeles, for example? Is there some ulterior motive? Obviously! Haven't we learned yet that when this type of backing occurs it is for no positive purpose? Think, people! Then vote Zimmer.


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