Note Tells Hollywood Sign Seekers to 'Go Away'

The warning in Hollywoodland comes as the issue of where to direct tourists is being evaluated by Councilman LaBonge's office.

The war to keep tourists wishing to see the Hollywood Sign away from residential neighborhoods continues. 

A note that read "Tourists Go Away" showed up recently in a dirt section at the top of Mulholland Highway in Hollywoodland, reported Curbed LA

The spot is one of the many places in Hollywood that residents are trying to lure tourists away from, as congestion and car accidents have become a neighborhood hazard.

In March, reported that the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council sent a letter to the city asking that it install three signs leading tourists to Lake Hollywood Park. Many residents came to that March 21 council meeting to voice their opinion on the divisive issue, and the council passed the motion to request that signs be installed at three intersections as a temporary solution. The signs would be installed on Deronda Drive and Ledgewood Drive, Heather Drive and Ledgewood Drive and at Ledgewood Drive and Mulholland Drive. City Councilman Tom LaBonge had said that the first step would be changing the GPS that leads tourists to narrow residential streets to view the Hollywood Sign. 

“You have to direct people, or they will find their way,” LaBonge told the neighborhood council and residents at the meeting. 

Currently, LaBonge's office is working with several neighborhood groups and agencies, including the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the LAPD, to resolve the issue and "determine the best course of action," said Todd Leitz, the councilman's communications deputy. 

"Our office is working with Hollywood United on a number of issues surrounding the Hollywood Sign, including their request to install the signs leading to Lake Hollywood Park," said Leitz. "The councilman supports finding a safe solution to direct visitors to a view of the Hollywood Sign without unduly impacting the residents of those neighborhoods. He believes Lake Hollywood Park offers the best option to do that."

Hollywood Patch will continue to update this story as more information becomes available. 

Bobbi June 15, 2011 at 06:37 PM
If the tourists are not allowed to be given directions to areas from which they can safely park and view the Sign, it will give Los Angeles and in particular, the Hollywood area, a terrible reputation and many tourist dollars will be lost. While I absolutely oppose them using Deronda Drive to view the Sign, I see absolutely no problem in allowing tourists to view the Sign and Lake Hollywood from the Mulholland Site near the dog park. We NEED tourist dollars for our limping economy, and tourists deserve respect, even when they are a pain in the butt, sometimes, on Beachwood Drive.
Shaune Steele June 15, 2011 at 08:25 PM
I live in Beachwood and agree with the comments by the writer above. We live near one of the most recognizable pieces of signage in the world so our neighborhood is never going to be free of tourists. That is simply part of living in this area. However, I suppose we do need signs directing the folks away from Deronda Drive and over to the dog park area. When the powers that be decide where to place the signs, I have one request: Can some thought be put into the wording and appearance of the signs? Those signs that are now posted at the bottom of Beachwood and also Gower that say "No access to the Hollywood sign" are just hideous. Ugly, unwelcoming , and definitely not "glamorous." Very tacky. For heaven's sake, let's put a little thought into things like that.
Suzanne Garcia June 16, 2011 at 03:21 AM
The Hollywood United Neighborhood council I guarantee is composed of manily the residence of Deronda Drive trying to deter people from the trail head on their street. I say no signs no problem. Spend the money on speed bumps and repaving the over run streets. Let the Guide Books and internet do the guiding . EVERYONE has a GPS anyhow. This is a residential area not an area where tourists are spending their money, that would be a BUSINESS district. Spend more money there improving the atmosphere of the BUSINESS district. BTW I have no problem with the tourists and think the person who tagged dirt is a tool! I happily guide people and have taken many photos for our visitors!
Shaune Steele June 20, 2011 at 02:53 PM
Good points, Suzanne! I also help the visitors who ask for directions and enjoy interacting with them since they are from all over the world. A bigger issue to me is the number of jerks who go speeding up Beachwood (I don't think it's the tourists!) and running the stop signs and careening around the narrow curves up in the area. Yikes. It's really scary trying to walk at night. What's up with those people? And it's not just a few either.
Suzanne Garcia June 20, 2011 at 07:22 PM
Thank you Shaune. That is why I suggest speed bumps instead of signs. I was laughing when I walked from my house on a hike yesterday and saw a person monitoring traffic (foot and car) for the deronda residence. The sign and trails were there before their houses were built. My street is much more crowded, it is hard to weave through people to just go home. I just ask for SPEED BUMPS! there is no way around visitors, unless 2 gates are installed one by on ledgewood and one off Barham... Be happy that we live in such a beautiful area!


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