New Petition Opposes Millennium Hollywood Project

The petition calls for 'modifying the project to a reasonable scale.'

More than 300 people have signed a new online petition opposing a project that includes plans to build two 55-story skyscrapers in Hollywood near the 13-story Capitol Records Building.

The petition, which has 315 signatures, calls for "modifying" the Millennium Hollywood project "to a reasonable scale."

"The 1.1 million square foot, 55 story twin tower project is out of scale, in both height and bulk to the surrounding Hollywood community," Stop the Millennium Hollywood Project's website says. "The developers have offered virtually no effective mitigations to the negative impacts that this massive, over sized project will have on our Hollywood community!"

The group also calls on project opponents to donate money to fund an appeal to stop the project in its current form.

A previous petition opposing the project's size racked up more than 1,300 signatures.

The city Planning Commission recently approved the large-scale project being proposed by New York-based developer Millennium Partners, though it still needs council approval.

Proposed plans for the project include almost 500 residential units and 200 luxury hotel rooms, as well as office space, restaurants and a fitness club.

Mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti has said the project is "out of scale with the Hollywood landscape and does not have a broad enough level of support throughout the community."

Millennium Partners co-founder Philip Aarons said many residents "share our vision of what Hollywood can and should be."

What do you think of the Millennium Hollywood project? Tell us in the comments section below. 

—City News Service contributed to this report.

Fran Reichenbach May 02, 2013 at 11:04 PM
Donations are coming in but not from the expected sources. The neighbors and some businesses from Hollywood all the way down to Wilshire are digging deep yet absent are the celebrity voices - those who identify with Hollywood and owe her some support! Hugh Hefner was great showing up at the last minute. This is the last minute and we need our Hugh Hefner right about NOW. StopTheMillenniumHollywood.org is waiting for you! Donate today!
Scott Zwartz May 02, 2013 at 11:51 PM
What's wrong with The Millennium? Garcetti had the city council pass his new Hollywood Community Plan so that the Millennium would be OK. The Millennium will not be out of scale after the other Garcetti's skyscrapers are build -- CBS Sq at Gower and Sunset, the high rise at Sunset and Gordon, the Bouelvard200 will have hundreds of dense condos, there's a project planned across the street from The Millennium on the N/E corner of Argyle and Yucca. If Hollywood is going to be turned into Times Square West as Garcetti wants, The Millennium is crucial as well as all the other super dense projects. Garcetti's Hollywood Community Plan expressly carved out this area of Hollywood for a project identical to The Millennium. As soon as the court approves the Hollywood Community Plan, The Millennium will be A-OK -- as well other supersized projects that Garcetti has in store for Hollywood. It is quite confusing why these people oppose The Millennium, yet they support the Hollywood Community Plan that makes The Millennium possible. If people did not like the Manhattanization of Hollywood, then they would support the lawsuits opposing the Hollywood Community Plan.
ruth May 03, 2013 at 12:36 AM
The Planning Commission is nothing but a bunch of non paid Villaraigosa appointees, who did his bidding. SHAME on them, and shame on Garcetti for denying projects existence at debates, (same M.O for his Hollywood Community Plan/ SILENCE/COWARDLY HIDING)not coming out about his FUNDER'S projects, until second planning hearing, the BIG REVEAL of the day..sending asst. to announce dramatically eric opposes projects. Too late..they approved. Leader? Fraud! He HAD to (VOTES),as most of LA has opposed them. His West Coast voters screamed 'NO' to his East Coast Boss's projects.Aarons is delusional.WHO is for his massive monsters? The Union t-shirts he bought and paid to sit at hearing all day? The Hollywood Neighborhood Councils and over 40 Hillside Federation orgs repping communities all over LA and up into the valley who oppose? The nearly 1500 signers on the opposing on line petition? His 'supporters' are the many orgs, groups, and politicians he bought. Pathetic. Villaraigosa and Garcetti sold Hollywood to him. Villaraigosa will be gone. How does Garcetti say 'no' to his developer BOSS? End this cancer of corruption. Pack them up and send them home..Aarons AND Garcetti.
ruth May 03, 2013 at 01:12 AM
Where ARE the celebrities , and the recording industry, who fought a 15 story condo building from going up near The Capitol Records Building in 2008 and WON. Are the VALUABLE Echo Chambers and Recording Studios, that a now proposed 55 story skyscraper will be built near, on a fault line, no longer of any value? Where are all the music and recording industry voices that came out in 2008? Have they all been bought this time by Millennium too?Why is it O.K. to violate a CEQA law regarding developments going up in historic areas significantly altering the surrounding area. Why is it O.K. to dwarf and obstruct from view a HISTORIC CULTURAL MONUMENT (#857, The Capitol Records Building) from view? When historic monuments were always for ALL to view from all vantage points. Aarons gets to build his 'NEW ICONIC HOLLYWOOD LANDMARKS'-SKYSCRAPERS! That HIDE THE REAL ONES. The real tragedy is that OUR L.A . leaders, and politicos, whose salaries we pay, to serve US, have ENABLED THIS SALE OF HOLLYWOOD..NONE is courageous enough to STAND UP for THE PEOPLE, or protect the CITY THEY GREW UP IN from this RAPE..Except LaBonge..But 29 stories IS STILL TOO TALL. 150 ft. is the historic ht. for the area! And he can't do it without the rest of them! The rest of them,that WE voted for, sitting where we put them, have SOLD US OUT and SOLD HOLLYWOOD OUT for campaign financing from Millennium, Argent Ventures and Sheppard Mullin. ALLOWING THE RAPE OF HOLLYWOOD. Beyond SHAMEFUL!...Despicable!
Shaune Steele May 03, 2013 at 05:44 PM
Unfortunately, I don't believe that the "stars" of today even know about Capitol Records' iconic studios and sound chambers. I also believe that these folks don't know anything about Hollywood's history. Don't think we can call on them. Hugh Hefner -- yes. But others -- I don't think so. We can keep signing petitions and doing whatever we can, but I am pessimistic about "stars" standing up for the future of our beautiful Hollywood area.
Scott Zwartz May 03, 2013 at 06:38 PM
Under AB 1818, Aarons can change the towers to a squat 10 story building with 1.4 Million sq ft covering the entire area of the lots. This was a done deal when Garcetti pushed through the Hollywood Community Plan in June 19, 2012. You all are a day late and a dollar short, -- the boat has sailed ... Garcetti promised each homeowners association a tiny something here and another bit over there and as a result, most all of them supported the HCP, except HUNC, and now they see that selling out their neighbors for their own 30 pieces of silver may not have been such a hot idea.
emma May 03, 2013 at 07:27 PM
Eric Garcetti got The Hollywood Community Plan passed knowing full well, and playing a big part, in the city's manipulations, doing all they could to make sure Millennium could move forward no matter what. They made it clear that Millennium proposed their projects BEFORE the new HCP came up again, so Millennium was not UNDER the new HCP restrictions, and in case anyone argued that point, they inflicted a double whammy, by simply EX-cluding Cahuenga to Vine from the HCP 'with regards to heights'...even the PLUM Committee could not get this trickery....but this trickery won out.. reserving those streets for Millennium, Ex-cluded FROM the new HCP altogether..forever. Whether this was even legal or not...Garcetti enabled this maneuvering of the City Planning Dept, and Villaraigosa to accommodate their developer funder's projects. Legal council recommended they NOT pass the HCP as it was..yet Garcetti made sure the Council voted unanimously for it, in spite of everything wrong with it.. This kind of corrupt behind closed doors wheeling and dealing on his part is way worse than being supported by the city's unions. Any WHY there has not been AN INVESTIGATION INTO THIS is anybody's guess. Hopefully, by election day, the rest of LA will wake up to what Hollywoodians have known for far too long about the REAL Garcetti NOW he claims to be opposed to Millennium projects?? HE ENABLED THEM!
Scott Zwartz May 03, 2013 at 08:26 PM
You make good points. You also say: "Whether this was even legal or not." It already is "legal," i.e. in court. The HCP is being challenged in court, but the resident complainers chose not to join the fight to have the Hollywood Community Plan re-done from scratch. All the other k'vetzes are squandering money on The Millennium. They never bother to ask themselves why Aarons is paying his law firm, Sheppaards Muttins $ Goniff, to intervene in the Hollywood Community Plan litigation. Don't think too hard. The answer is simple. If the fraudulent HCP falls, then The M falls. If the court approves the Hywd Com Plan, then Millennium proceeds. That's why Aarons puts his money into the Hollywood Plan litigation while the dweebs waste their efforts on worthless feel good petitions.
bill miller May 03, 2013 at 08:34 PM
Millennium projects are ridiculously out of scale for the neighborhood. The Elephant in the Room.. I moved here from NY. My last view from my highrise midtown apartment was of the world trade towers.In the distance.Those buildings did not border difficult to get residential HILL communities, as Millennium skyscrapers will. Buzz is LAFD is against these projects, so why isn't anyone speaking out? Is there no other property/land this developer can build his skyscrapers on that would not put so many residential communities at risk, in the event, of some kind of attack? Many of us could have lived downtown, but we chose HERE, for many reasons, one of which is SKY, and the feel that we are in a city, but not an unmanageable city like downtown or Manhattan..a city that is HOLLYWOOD.. WHY build so close to residential, old historic Hollywood communities? What kind of leaders are running this place? Those who live here, and have invested here,like myself ,did not move here to be living in some version of Manhattan.. And those who come here, certainly don't come here to see another Manhattan in old historic Hollywood. They come to get a glimpse, albeit of the last remaining remnants, of what is left of Hollywood. People will flee and they will sit empty.There has never been anything so very wrong for a particular area, on so many levels. If Garcetti endorsed these projects he should not be Mayor.Someone better wake up at the wheel, and nix these projects, move them downtown!
Scott Zwartz May 03, 2013 at 09:23 PM
Some people have woken up, and last year they filed a lawsuit already. If you want to do something positive to protect Hollywood from becoming a complete nightmare go to SaveHollywood.org http://bit.ly/wr8QIJ
Jim Geoghan May 03, 2013 at 10:24 PM
I was there when the city Planning Commission listened with wonder as the developers assured them traffic would not be impacted by these monstrous buildings. And HOW will that happen? By "increased bicycle use" and "bus passes" for the condo owners. Mayor Villaraigosa wants these towers. His appointees on the Planning Commission have been given their orders: "Make this happen!" It is ALL a lie. Our city is weak and corrupt and stupid. We need to me strong, honest and smart.
ruth May 03, 2013 at 10:55 PM
Larchmont Chronicle Millennium Opposition/Hancock Park Communities.. Front page..Greater Wilshire NC Land Use Committee opposes Millennium. http://larchmontchronicle.com/ Add that to the Hollywood Neighborhood Councils, HUNC, HHWNC, Los Feliz Improvement Association, over 40 Hillside Federation Organizations that oppose Millennium..Concerns from Hollywood Heritage and LA Conservancy.. Larchmont Chronicle..Page 15 Article ..How Millennium will negatively effect the Hancock Park Area. All the Millennium 'bicycle' movie nights will not change the fact that MOST of LA is against Millennium projects..Are you listening Garcetti/Greuel? Tony V. will be long gone and this nightmare will be on YOUR shoulders. StopTheMillenniumHollywood.org!
Conny Brown May 04, 2013 at 12:47 AM
It is rather interesting to read the comments of those who oppose the Millennium, yet most (if not all) of them miss the point: If the court "approves" the Hollywood Community Plan, the Millennium WILL GO THROUGH - even if the Mayor-wannabe opposes it right now. It's a Game, people! The only way to stop the Millennium is by defeating the Community Plan! Why is that so hard to understand? Hoping to get "Celebrities"involved and speak against the Millennium is totally naive and a wast of time (in my opinion). They most likely have their own interest at heart first and for sure do not want to burn their bridges for whatever it is they want the city to approve. I think Hef only stepped because he was mislead regarding the Hollywood Sign and the danger it might be in, but never was in at the first place. BTW: Has anybody ever bothered to connect the dots between the players of the Millennium? - Philip Aarons, Founding Partner of Millennium Partner and the current chair of the "Friends of the Hollywood Community Plan", Laurie Goldman, Lobbying for the Millennium Project and current President of the "Friends of the Hollywood Community Park", Terri Gerger (seemingly playing all sides) and being the Treasurer of the "Friends of the Hollywood Community Park". People, do your homework and fight the project where it can be fought: IN COURT by DEFEATING THE HOLLYWOOD COMMUNITY PLAN! Conny
Larry May 04, 2013 at 03:14 AM
Those wasting time and money fighting the Millennium will miss the forest for the tress will be lead by foxes for the slaughter. Community groups could easily spend $200,000 to $500,000 in legal services trying to “Stop the Millennium” and if they prevail – surprise, a new entitlement application will be submitted that conforms to the Hollywood Community Plan as updated last July. If the Hollywood Community Plan Update is upheld, then there will be no lawsuit against the Millennium because it will be a “by right” project. If you want to expose corruption and return sanity to Los Angeles, then go to Save Hollywood.org: Contribute what you can. It is a much better deal because you can accomplish three things with your investment: Send the Hollywood Community Plan back to be analyzed with real data and downzoning options, the Millennium will have be sent back, and corruption of the City and the Superior court will be exposed in a very public and official way. But none of that can happened without funds. And as the lamb are lead astray by the fight against the Millennium, their slaughter will come when they realize too late that they had been bamboozled by high-rise towers and a park filled with freeway fumes.
Rick Abrams May 04, 2013 at 04:20 AM
Don Quixote is alive and well in the Hollywood Hills -- he's tilting at the two large Millennium Towers. The real battle to SaveHollywood is taking place in court where a four Hollywood groups are fighting to have the Super-Size Hollywood into Manhattan Hollywood Community Plan send back to the drawing boards so that the public can have input. Philip Aarons has his law firm in court fighting to keep the new Hollywood Plan as he knows that it allows him to do whatever he wants to suck hundreds of millions of dollars out of Hollywood. People can whine and sign worthless petitions or they can fight back and Stop The Millennium http://bit.ly/wr8QIJ
Larry May 04, 2013 at 04:37 AM
If you really want to Stop the Millenium without being disappointed go to: http://bit.ly/wr8QIJ and see my comments below.
nonoise May 04, 2013 at 02:40 PM
Anyone can file complaints with the city's ethic commission. Call 311 and ask for them. http://www.lacity.org
ruth May 04, 2013 at 04:35 PM
Plenty of ethics violations have been filed. NO ONE does anything.Maybe if more reported this stuff..Connie..there's more..Millennium lobbyist/advocate and Pres. of Cap Park,on under Aarons, and obviously working for him, is also on Board of the only neighborhood council that voted to support Millennium. Millennium is so proud of this (ethics violation?) they posted this 'win' on their website. Hardly anyone attends their meetings and she also lied about her whole community supporting The HCP at those hearings. It is that Garcetti/Millennium supporting NC board that supports the HCP and Millennium..This person is also on the PAC committee Board at Hollywood Chamber supporting GARCETTI. This 'group' tried to infiltrate the last NC elections with their candidates but word got out and community leaders stepped up and guess what..they did not get elected.Hollywood Chamber is funded by Millennium, Diamond Level Donors. That president, who arrogantly pushes for these projects and pushed for the HCP, having members lie about crime statistics at hearings, doesn't live anywhere near Hollywood nor do most of the people he gets to speak at hearings who are members..cold hearted piece of work. And THEY push how great all these ridiculous projects are for US.Residents can all be damned as far as he is concerned.The Hollywood Chamber hired Millennium's Law Firm to stop the Law Suits against the HCP. And Garcetti is their 'Boy'..Corruption in Hollywood?...Nah!
Scott Zwartz May 04, 2013 at 05:35 PM
In line with what you say, when Garcetti was doing a big PR prush off for his Hollywood Community Plan i.e., "elegant density" (Villaraigosa's and Garcetti's term for "tenement"), he held a Press Conference on top of the Hollywood Towers which is within HUNC territory, yet he did not invite HUNC speak. Instead Garcetti had this person from Hollywood Central come into HUNC territory and speak about how Hollywood loves the Plan. HUNC had twice rejected the Hollywood Community Plan as fatally flawed. If you liked Villaraigosa, you're gonna love Garcetti. In order to stop The Millennium and un-done the Hollywood Community Plan, see http://bit.ly/wr8QIJ
ruth May 08, 2013 at 12:38 AM
NEW PETITION..511 signers..A NEW more detailed petition that we want to be sent to City Council representatives. Appreciate your signature on this petition but it is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you sign our NEW petition. Go to: http://www.stopthemillenniumhollywood.org/ and sign the new more DETAILED PETITION. OLD Petition..nearly 2,000 signers.. Go to StopThe MillenniumHollywood..JOIN THE FIGHT! Also go to SaveHollywood.org Help Save Hollywood... Help Stop The Millennium! MOST IMPORTANTLY...Vote for anyone BUT Garcetti! Mitch O'Farrel/John Choi CD13 Debate,Wed., May 8th....Millennium/Garcetti Council District. Make them 'come out' about THEIR positions on Millennium in THEIR DISTRICT. One of them may be seated by the time it gets to Council! The new petition calls for "modifying" the Millennium Hollywood project "to a reasonable scale" and details specific flaws in the Project, as currently approved.
Scott Zwartz May 08, 2013 at 01:33 AM
Stop The Millennium, SaveHollywood.org http://bit.ly/wr8QIJ
emma May 08, 2013 at 07:59 PM
When the TOD CABINET, headed by Bill Roschen, head of planning commission AND ARCHITECT FOR MILLENNIUM PROJECTS, spoke at city council the other day about all the TOD's (Transit oriented, i.e. MILLENNIUM!), that this is the future of LA (BEWARE OTHER COMMUNITIES..YOU TOO WILL BE FIGHTING OVER- DEVELOPMENT infringing on your communities SOON!!).., Ed Reyes, LOVER OF HIGH DENSITY, UNMANAGEABLE DEVELOPMENTS,now termed out, who was head of PLUM when Hollywood Community Plan got sent up by HIM and Englander and Huizar to city council with a NO RECOMMENDATION, there were so many illegalities they could not send it with their approval, but garcetti got it passed ANYWAY, stood up and gave a 'heartfelt' speech, now that he's leaving, about 'being sensitive' to communities where these TOD's will be developed, to LISTEN to them (AS IF GARCETTI DID!), to 'work with them' (AS IF GARCETTI DID!), to avoid opposing The Hillside Federation, opposing Neighborhood Councils, coming after them AND LAW SUITS...Gee, think he was talking about HOLLYWOOD COMMUNITY PLAN & MILLENNIUM? Garcetti left Hollywoodians hung out to dry on both The Hollywood Community Plan AND MILLENNIUM. He NOW claims to oppose Millennium FOR VOTES, as so many oppose it across LA..IF he becomes Mayor WILL he oppose Millennium then?..Oppose his big funder's projects? Can anyone trust Eric Garcetti anymore? NAH!
ruth May 25, 2013 at 07:19 PM
Garcetti's already paying back campaign funders for enabling his Mayoral Crown.Millennium PLUM Committee Hearing-June 4th, City Council Hearing-June 19.What's the rush?If passed it will be the RE-CREATION of Hollywood into a skyscraper city,and will open doors for the over 80 some odd similar massive projects waiting to be built all over Hollywood.DEVELOPER HELL!.Garcetti steamrolling Millennium projects through PLUM and Council BEFORE new council members are seated and new PLUM Committee formed.Reyes, termed out head of Plum, will be making decisions on projects that will go on for years,he will be gone.Councilmembers will be making decisions and some of them will be gone.Is Garcetti making sure they get approved, before he steps down as councilmember to pay back his campaign funders who helped him become mayor?Shouldn’t the new councilmembers who will be dealing with these projects get to participate in the decisions?? Shouldn’t the NEW Plum committee,have the opportunity to review projects and be in on the decision?Is garcetti worried he won't have a chance to get his controversial babies passed with new councilmembers? DELAY this process. All THREE PLUM Committee members are also Millennium funded. E-mail Garcetti! eric.garcetti@lacity.org, E-mail ALL Councilmembers! Demand a FAIR HEARING! With a CLEAN PLUM Committee and a CLEAN CITY COUNCIL. For information: Visit StopTheMillenniumHollywood.org Sign the Petition Another On line petition opposing Millennium Projects: http://signon.org/sign/opposition-to-the-millennium?source=c.em.mt&r_by=7343547 1,385 signers..Read the comments. Visit PeopleForLivableCommunites/SaveHollywood to support opposition to The Hollywood Community Plan (accommodates garcetti's projects) ATTEND THE HEARINGS. GROUPS OPPOSING MILLENNIUM PROJECTS: Greater Griffith Park Neighborhood Council, Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council, Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council, Hollywood United Neighborhood Council, Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council, Los Feliz Improvement Association, Over 40 Hillside Federation Organizations. L.A. Conservancy and Hollywood Heritage..visit their websites to read their concerns with Millennium projects. Will Garcetti sell everyone out to his developer funder?


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