Jonathan Gold Shares First Impression of Beachwood Cafe

The L.A. Times food critic encourages readers to give the a restaurant a try.

Thanks to the wonderful resource that is Facebook, Patch has learned that Pulitzer prize winning food critic Jonathan Gold visited Beachwood Village to check out the newest restaurant in the neighborhood.

Beachwood Cafe, which opened in the former Village Coffee Shop space in January, serves farm-fresh food, homemade baked goods and seasonal specials. 

Gold's brief review of the restaurant included an admiration for the restaurant's decor and the chef's "smartened up menu."

See the full review the L.A. Times and to keep with Beachwood Cafe's latest happenings, "Like" their Facebook page.

Jeff Natkin May 19, 2012 at 06:53 PM
While the Village Cafe needed a facelift and an updated menu with fresh ingredients, this makeover misses the mark completely. The decor is garish and has stripped everything charming away. It has only hard surfaces with nothing to absorb the sound which results in a very loud experience. The food is way too "over-wrought" and expensive for a neighborhood hangout. The new management never considered the people it should want to serve. What the Beachwood Cafe ideally should be is a friendly, neighborhood place to get fresh, healthy well-made food that is down to earth and reasonably priced. After trying the current iteration twice I would not recommend this cafe to anyone. And I used to frequent the old cafe at least once a week. What a shame.
Shaune Steele August 10, 2012 at 04:28 PM
Don't know how I missed this comment when it was written. Have to say I completely agree with everything Jeff wrote. The Village Cafe is now exactly like the "hip" restaurants that come and go in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the west side, etc. In its current configuration, the Cafe will never be the neighborhood hang it once was. It is certainly not the place to have any conversation and the food is the same stuff we can get at all the other restaurants we have access to. The atmosphere is not one of a friendly, low-key neighborhood place anymore. It's noisy and there are no cozy booths that one can slide into and escape the world, even if just for an hour. I was looking forward to the new owners retaining at least some of the original character. I was looking forward to better food, and an updating of the arguably dated decor, not a complete erasure of what made the Cafe so unique. So disappointed.


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