Hollywood Central Park Redesigns Website to Encourage Community Input

Friends of Hollywood Central Park calls for community designs by debuting its park planner-design your own park page on its website.

In an effort to encourage creative individuals to offer designs for a new stretch of park, the Friends of the Hollywood Central Park (FHCP) released a new feature on its website (www.hollywoodcentralpark.org) that allows for interaction and creation.

People now have the opportunity to create their own versions of the 44-acre park planned for the one-mile stretch of the Hollywood Freeway between Hollywood Boulevard/Bronson Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard/Western Avenue. According to the FHCP press release, the website, offers numerous possibilities for potential features at the park including cafés, dog parks, libraries and landscaping.

Participants are invited to submit their designs to the FHCP board, who will attempt to incorporate the ideas into the final design.

“Knowing the level of interest in the community about Hollywood Central Park, we decided the best way to get input on what should be built was give everybody a chance to create their dream park,” Laurie Goldman, FHCP president, said in a written statement. “This is everybody’s park, and everybody should have an opportunity to submit their own ideas. Now they can, and in the process can be involved in creating Hollywood history!”

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is currently being worked on and the draft EIR is projected to be completed and issued for public comment in 2015. 

emma July 29, 2013 at 12:53 PM
This park is not 'central' as far as location. And how can this developer get away with stealing the name from the real Central Park in NYC. There is no comparison between the real Central Park and this freeway/smog infested unhealthy faux park. How nice if parks were being planned all over Hollywood instead of all the Millennium Quimby Fees going to just this one, from Millennium developer who is also chair of this park, so paying his quimby fees back to himself. He also calls his Vine St. skyscrapers 'The New Iconic Hollywood Landmarks' Sadly, the real Landmark, Cultural Historic Monument #857, The Capitol Records Building, will be obstructed by his non/faux skyscraper landmarks.. if he even gets to build them with all the unresolved illegal issues (fault line, caltrans complaints)..'Hollywood Central Park'..that isn't Central Park, OR even Central.. 'New Iconic Hollywood Landmarks'...that aren't Landmarks or Iconic or anything remotely to do with Hollywood. Millennium money to campaigns bought this city, giving him carte blanch to do what he wants and call his projects whatever he wants. Most Hollywoodians call them by other names.
Yertle Turtle July 29, 2013 at 01:31 PM
I find it ironic that Laurie Goldman, Beverly Hills resident, is such a 'booster' for Hollywood and as far as I know, doesn't participate in the community in which she lives. Let's see, besides being President of Phil Aarons 501(c)3 HCP, Hollywood Central Park (for which he will receive Federal Dollars), President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce PAC (that is suing neighborhood groups who are in opposition to the Hollywood Community Plan which, as it stands, is the reason Millennium Towers have no height restrictions). Heritage Hollywood member, and Vice-President of Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council, the only Neighborhood Council that approves of the Millennium Towers, and the Council that gave $5000 to Phil Aaron's Hollywood Central Park. Could it be that this Beverly Hills resident is paid top dollar to sit on all of these boards and be an influencer for his projects? Where is her get-up-and-go for her own neighborhood?
ruth August 01, 2013 at 06:29 PM
You are so right Yertle..The Beverly Hills resident, who is a Hollywood NC board member and works for Millennium, has never once disclosed at any hearings, for The Hollywood Community Plan, the Millennium accommodating plan, or Millennium (her employer) that she works for Millennium. Only misleads that her NC 'community' all supported both The HCP and Millennium.That NC 'community' probably has no idea what the HCP or Millennium issues are. Shame on the neighborhood empowerment or whatever it is called that has allowed this blatant conflict of interest to go on for so long. This NC is rampant with members whose agenda has been to get Garcetti elected, get the developer accommodating HCP passed, which accommodates the most massive horrific skyscraper developments that are nowhere near their low density low rise NC district, get Millennium approved. She is head of, and they are members of, The Hollywood Chamber PAC, supporting pro development pro Millennium Garcetti and O'Farrell,both funded by and supporters of Millennium. This is an example of NC's being abused and infiltrated, not by people who have any community's interests at heart, but who use the NC to get their candidates elected and their big developer boss's projects approved. Shame on the NC org. for allowing this corruption and abuse of an NC to fester for so long.


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